5 Things To Do In Haiti for Unforgettable Trip

Things To Do In Haiti

Haiti is one of the charming countries located in the Caribbean Islands. This country has many interesting historical heritage buildings to visit and amazing natural attractions. Tourists can also have a lot of things to do in Haiti, such as hiking, historical tours, and cooling off. So, Haiti not only offers the charm of the … Read more

6 Shows In Sydney Opera House That You Shouldn’t Miss

Shows In Sydney Opera House

The iconic building worldwide in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. Its unique shape makes the Sydney Opera House so famous. In addition, there are many shows in Sydney Opera House, ranging from musical theatre, classical music, to workshops. So, when visiting Australia, don’t just take pictures in front of the Sydney Opera House, take … Read more

Options of Tours from Paris to Palace of Versailles That Visitors Can Choose

Tours from Paris to Palace of Versailles

If you’re planning a trip to France, then try to put Versailles as one of the places to visit in your itinerary. The location itself is not too far from Paris and you can get there by many modes of transportations. Luckily there are also many tours from Paris to the Palace of Versailles that … Read more

5 Best Things to Do Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Things to Do Santiago de Compostela

For hundreds of years, pilgrims route to Saint James’ Way every year and it also leads to Santiago de Compostela. As the capital city of Galicia, there are plenty of interesting things to do in Santiago de Compostela. Here are some ideas for you in this UNESCO world heritage city. 1. Explore the City Once … Read more