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Things to do In Rapa Nui-Eastern Island, Chile

Rapa Nui or famously known as Easter Island is probably one of the most mysterious yet extraordinary places on earth. The most iconic thing about this island is the head statue (moai) scattered on the island. But, Easter Island is more than that. Here are things you can do: 1. Enjoy Swimming at Anakena Beach Most of Rapa… Read More »

Classic travel spots in Italy

Famous classic travel places in Italy become an option for travelers to travel. Favorite attractions in Italy are many. You can take a vacation by visiting famous tourist sites such as Rome. Italy can always offer its appeal to invite world travelers to visit by offering a variety of cultures and a distinctive history that is very suitable… Read More »

The Interesting Beautiful Place in Italy

Italy, a country in Southern Europe, has many beautiful historic cities, both architectural and historical. Undoubtedly, the countries adjacent to France and Switzerland are one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. You also can find beautiful place in Italy. Several Beautiful Place in Italy For those who plan to spend their holidays… Read More »