A variety of cars for traveling

By | December 31, 2021

A variety of cars for traveling – Who wouldn’t want to own a car? Almost everyone, especially those with a family, wants to own a car. Especially those who already have enough income, start doing financial planning to buy a car. Many types of cars, ranging from luxury cars, sports cars to the best traveling cars for families.


Most think about buying a traveling car, in addition to being able to carry a lot of passengers, traveling cars also have strong durability so it is suitable as a family car. On this occasion, will be explained some of the best travel car lists, from cheap to luxurious.

A variety of cars for traveling

·         Daihatsu Luxio for travelling

The next best travel car option alternative is Daihatsu Luxio, this car has a type 3SZ-VE DOHC VVT-i engine. The engine that has a coolant that is able to release 97 PS. With this power, this car is very suitable for holidays with family everywhere. This car is also a mainstay for businesses, many car rental agencies that use Daihatsu Luxio as the main car for rent. And many people are also comfortable using this car for every purpose.

·         Peugeot Traveller

The first best and luxury travel car that will make our trip comfortable is the Peugeot Traveller. This car has been equipped with a BlueHDi Euro6 engine, with a maximum power of 180 horsepower and produces 400 Newton meters of torque. For the dimensions of the car is also very spacious and comfortable.

The cabin volume is 1500 to 4900 liters, and the dimensions reach 3 meters. This car can accommodate more than 10 passengers. It is suitable as a comfortable travel car with a lot of passenger capacity.

·         Ford Galaxy

Ford also has the best type of travel car we can have. Ford produces a car with a five-door frame, which is suitable as a family travel car. Through the Ford Galaxy type, passengers will be pampered with comfortable seats that have been equipped with automatic massage, which keeps us comfortable and fresh during the trip.

What cars are often used in the travel business?

1.      Toyota Hiace

Hiace comes with a longer body and a capacity of nine passengers. Currently the price is around 413 million rupiah. With a more supporting body, this becomes an advantage for travel businesses because it can transport more passengers.

2.      Suzuki APV

Suzuky APV has a high selling value and becomes the mainstay of those struggling in the travel business. The capacity is eight passengers and the conditions in the car are more spacious. For owners, this car also minimizes maintenance costs because it is famous for its hard-lasting engine and easy maintenance. Suzuki APV is also equipped with a ground clearance that is high enough to safely pass through various types of roads.

3.      Nisan Evalia

Evalia headstone has sliding doors that make it easier for passengers when boarding or disembarking. This brand car is no less competitive with other types of cars because it also has a lot of passenger capacity. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about A variety of cars for traveling, hopefully for the people who read it.

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