Things You Do at Acropolis Note Yaksha in Guatemala

By | January 4, 2022

If you’re looking for an alternative other than Tikal, that is less crowded but still stunning to see is the Acropolis Note Yaksha. Like Tikal, Yaxha in Guatemala is an ancient Maya Site that contains several pyramids and other structures that people can see and learn about.

Activities That Visitors Can Do

From all the ancient structures around, Acropolis Note Yaksha is one of the archeological sites that people can find in this area. It is one of the gems in Guatemala that not many people are aware of. Now if you decide to come to this park, here are some activities that you can do other than just looking at the ancient structures:

1. Learning the History of Yaxha

If you’re planning to come here, then it is best to know some of the histories of the area first. Therefore, you’ll know what to see and explore in the park as there are many ancient structures around. However, if you don’t have enough time to read about the history of the park, then hire a guide to accompany you throughout the park. Therefore, you won’t only see the unique sites but can also learn about the structures around them.

2. Visiting Acropolis Note Yaksha

If you have limited time, then one of the areas that you must check out is the Acropolis Note Yaksha. In this area of the park, you can see 3 pyramidal temples that rise above the jungle canopy. Those who love to see ancient structures will surely love this site because it is just unique and beautiful. However, if you want a better view, you can try climbing the pyramid.

3. Climbing Up the Temples

The 2 temples are made of 216 structures and are located on top of a hill. Therefore, if you climb the temples to the top, you can get a great view of the city, Yaxha itself, and a lake that is located near the park. The climb may be hard and tiring, but when you arrive at the top, the climb is just worth it all.

4. Walking Around the Park

After a tiring climb, then relax by walking around the park. Remember that the park is quite big, so there are many other structures that you can explore and learn about. Or if you just want to relax, just walk around while enjoying the fresh air of Guatemala. However, to make sure your walk is comfortable, wear sneakers or good shoes.

Getting to the Site

The site is around 11 km from the Puente Ixlu-Melchor de Mencos road. To get here, people will have to ride a car for around 30 minutes. If you are afraid that you’ll get lost in the middle of the road, you can hire a guide from the city to the site. They can guide you in the park too. Don’t expect to ride public transport because they won’t get you this far.

So, don’t worry about getting too bored when visiting Acropolis Note Yaksha. There are plenty of activities and sites that you can see in this area other than temples. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes, clothes, and drinks, so your trip isn’t too tiring.

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