Adorable Bulgaria For Great Vacation In Europe

By | December 31, 2021

Vacations in Europe are synonymous with expensive travel expenses. From air tickets and transportation  to accommodation  during tours. Limited resources are not an obstacle for those  who really want to feel the European atmosphere. You can visit to adorable Bulgaria which have so many beutiful places.

Adorable Bulgaria

Adorable Bulgaria Tourist Destination For Vacation

So you can search for travel destinations in countries with a low cost of living. Bulgaria is not a member of the Schengen Agreement, but one of the countries with extraordinary charm. Here are some Bulgarian  attractions  you should visit .

Lira Monastery

Where in the 10th century AD built Lira . Monastery. Where it was built on an area of ​​8,800 square meters in a rectangular shape. In the courtyard of the monastery is a very high stone tower built by Sebastokrator Hrelyu in 1334-1335. This is one of Bulgaria’s most adorable and popular tourist attractions.

So you can enjoy the splendor of the five domed church buildings. And includes artistic decorations that enhance the inner beauty of this Bulgarian tourist attraction. At Lira Monastery,  about 117 kilometers from the capital Sofia, you can learn not only religious tourism but also a lot of history. You can capture the beauty of the scenery around the monasteries at an altitude of 1147 meters above sea level. And don’t forget to include the enchanting Rila Mountains charm.

Belogrado Chiclock

In addition, the most popular tourist attraction in Bulgaria is Belogrado Chiclock, which is located in the northwest of the country. Where you can see cliffs 30 km long and 200 meters wide. With the largest group of rocks or dinosaurs, you will be amazed by the beautiful landscape of rocks, cliffs, meadows, rivers and mountains. It is one of adorable Bulgaria that very beautiful.

So you can also see animals that live near this area, such as eagles, owls, vultures and black storks. It’s no wonder that Belogrado Chicrocs is the most visited natural tourist attraction on the Balkan Peninsula.

Alexander Nevsky Church

In the Bulgarian capital, you need to visit the tourist attraction known as the icon of the city of Sofia, the Alexander Nevsky Church. While the name Alexander Nevsky himself is the emperor or emperor of Russia who managed to save Russia from attacks by the Swedish army before 1240. It is one of adorable Bulgaria that very amazing.

And for now, the cathedral church built in 19041912 is similar to the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque buildings in Turkey. This tour can only enjoy it for free from 7 am to 6 pm. However, you should be aware that this Orthodox building does not allow visitors to take pictures or videos.

Boyana Church

Where the city of Sofia is actually synonymous with various classic historical tourist destinations. Know that Boyana Church is one of the most famous in Bulgaria and is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage. In the 10th century AD built this church and in the 13th century expanded it. While it was built in the southern part of the church complex in the 19th century AD. It is one of adorable Bulgaria that will give you new experiences.

Know that Boyana Church is an interesting architectural design with frescoes depicting Bulgarian culture. The  Boyana Church mural is the main attraction of this ancient church. When visiting Sofia, don’t forget to stop by this historic and artistic tourist destination.

Banya Bashi Mosque

Know that the Bulgarian tourist spot in Sofia is the Many Bashi Mosque. As a place of worship using the mosque in Sofia, one of these Ottoman relics. And one of the oldest mosques in Europe is Mimar Sinan, the Blue Mosque building in Istanbul. It is one of adorable Bulgaria that very nice to visit.

 You can visit the mosque while  relaxing  in the courtyard of the mosque, which has a fountain and a garden. Don’t forget to stop by  the clean, clean traditional market in front of Centralni Sofijski Chali, or Banya Bashi Mosque.

There are adorable Bulgaria tourist destination for your vacation, hope this can be your references.

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