Confederation Bridge – A Travel Guide to the Largest Landmark in Canada

Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge is the most famous landmark in Canada. This bridge connects Prince Edward Island to the mainland area, New Brunswick. Besides, it straddles the Northumberland Strait. This bridge not only eases transportation but also becomes a tourist destination. This magnificent structure attracts many tourists from all around the world. No wonder, the total number … Read more

West Edmonton Mall – Visiting One Stop Entertainment Center in Canada

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping center in Canada. It also offers various entertainments. This mall is the most comprehensive entertainment and retail complex since it has many stores, restaurants, and a wide range of attractions. Every year, more than 30 million people visit this shopping center. If you want to be one of … Read more

Things You Do at Acropolis Note Yaksha in Guatemala

Acropolis Note Yaksha

If you’re looking for an alternative other than Tikal, that is less crowded but still stunning to see is the Acropolis Note Yaksha. Like Tikal, Yaxha in Guatemala is an ancient Maya Site that contains several pyramids and other structures that people can see and learn about. Activities That Visitors Can Do From all the … Read more

Bassin Bleu, Swimming and Diving in a Natural Cobalt Blue Pool in Haiti

Bassin Bleu

When you are visiting Haiti, you should not miss visiting the most beautiful swimming hole, Bassin Bleu. This natural pool is surrounded by gorgeous rock formations. There are other four pools you can visit. They are Bassin Cheval, Bassin Clair, Bassin Yes, and Bassin Palmiste. Do you need some guides before visiting this appealing natural … Read more

Monumento Natural Los Pinguinos, The Best Place to See Penguins

Monumento Natural Los Pinguinos

While you’re in Chile, take your time to see Magellanic penguins on Isla Magdalena. Monumento Natural Los Pinguinos is the best ecotourism place to spend your time alongside penguins. Furthermore, this island is home and sanctuary to more than 120,000 Magellanic penguins. Here are things you need to know: History of Monumento Natural Los Pinguinos … Read more

Visiting Brownsberg Nature Park, Know the Best Things to Explore

Brownsberg Nature Park

Suriname become one of the small countries in America which have many beautiful places. This is a country dedicated to building a green ecosystem. Brownsberg Nature Park has become one of the green ecosystems built in Suriname. There are many people who visit this beautiful place. This is the best place for family careers. How … Read more