Visiting San Andres Island, Get to Know the Best Thing to Do!

San Andres Island

Have you set your time for the holiday? San Andres Island can be one of your recommendations for your holiday. It is one of the beautiful islands located in Colombia. There are many people who have entered this island into their holiday list. You will find many beautiful spots to take pictures here. Before you … Read more

Getting Closer To Mysterious Floating Island Of Lake Titicaca That Impressed You

The floating island of lake titicaca

Have you ever visited the 7 wonders of the world before? There are seven lists of these wonders of the world that impress every person. But, have you ever known that there are impressive places that exclude these wonders of the world? The floating island of lake titicaca becomes one of the mysterious places. Located … Read more

Best Hotels For View of Niagara Falls That Visitors Should Try

Best Hotels For View of Niagara Falls

Who doesn’t know Niagara Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in Canada and the USA? Many people might think that this is only one waterfall, but the fact is it consists of 3 different waterfalls in Canada and the US. Luckily, people can now enjoy the view from Niagara Falls from inside a hotel. Now … Read more

5 Things To Do In Haiti for Unforgettable Trip

Things To Do In Haiti

Haiti is one of the charming countries located in the Caribbean Islands. This country has many interesting historical heritage buildings to visit and amazing natural attractions. Tourists can also have a lot of things to do in Haiti, such as hiking, historical tours, and cooling off. So, Haiti not only offers the charm of the … Read more