Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Lalomanu Beach in Samoa

Lalomanu Beach

Lalomanu Beach has natural and beautiful scenery with soft white sands and clear turquoise water. The locals still resist the natural beauty of this beach. There is no commercial development on this beach. This way, this beach offers original ecological scenery for the visitors. With its gorgeous scenery, Lalomanu becomes one of the best beaches … Read more

Breathtaking Diving Experience with Dive Gizo in Solomon

dive gizo

Enjoying the underwater scenery in Solomon with Dive Gizo offers an unforgettable experience. Gizo is one of the best tourism places in Solomon. This location offers a wide range of amazing dive sites, lovely beaches, and comfortable places to stay. If you plan to visit Solomon, make sure that you include Gizo on your list … Read more

Fiji Underwater Hotel: Extraordinary Thing You Need To Know

Fiji Underwater Hotel

Fiji, as one of the beautiful places, offers many extraordinary things. There are lots of unpredictable things there. Not only the beautiful inland scenery but also the underwater scenery. You will find the Fiji Underwater Hotel is really great. You may never see it before in other places. The location of this hotel is Fiji … Read more

5 Things to do From Queenstown That You Must Do

things to do from queenstown

Queenstown is one of the cities in New Zealand (New Zealand) and is located around Lake Wakatipu, as one of the paradises of natural beauty in the world. In addition, Queenstown also has several amazing natural attractions. So, no wonder there are a lot of things to do from Queenstown. There are many activities that … Read more

6 Shows In Sydney Opera House That You Shouldn’t Miss

Shows In Sydney Opera House

The iconic building worldwide in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. Its unique shape makes the Sydney Opera House so famous. In addition, there are many shows in Sydney Opera House, ranging from musical theatre, classical music, to workshops. So, when visiting Australia, don’t just take pictures in front of the Sydney Opera House, take … Read more