Bassin Bleu, Swimming and Diving in a Natural Cobalt Blue Pool in Haiti

By | January 3, 2022

When you are visiting Haiti, you should not miss visiting the most beautiful swimming hole, Bassin Bleu. This natural pool is surrounded by gorgeous rock formations. There are other four pools you can visit. They are Bassin Cheval, Bassin Clair, Bassin Yes, and Bassin Palmiste.

Do you need some guides before visiting this appealing natural pool? On this page, you can find out any information related to this pool. We present the location, how to get into the pool, the entrance fee, and things you can do in this swimming hole.

The Location

The location of Bassin Bleu is 12 km northwestern of Jacmel, in Haiti. Jacmel is the sixth biggest city in Haiti. This city is also popular as the City of Light. It is because Jacmel becomes the first city that got electricity in the Caribbean.

How to Get to the Pool

There are two options to reach this natural pool. First, you can join a tour from Port-au-Prince or Jacmel. The tour guide will assist you to reach this destination through the jungle. This trip needs a huge effort so you have to prepare your energy.

The second option is reaching the pool on foot from Jacmel. You can go ahead through Riviere Gauche. If you take this route, you have to hike up through the vegetation on the mountain. But, you can see various interesting landscapes during this adventure. As a reward, you will be able to swim in the natural pool to relieve your tiredness.

Open Hour and Entrance Fee

This natural pool is open every day and 24 hours. This pool is still natural. So, you can visit and explore the pool anytime you want. The admission fee is 100 HTG for each person. In addition, you also need to pay 100 HTG for parking fees. If you hire a local guide, you have to pay around 250 up to 500 HTG. But, you can negotiate this fee to get a reasonable price.

What You Can Do in Bassin Bleu

When you arrive at this pool, you will be amazed by its natural beauty. So, what can you do in this natural pool? Here are some recommended activities you can try at this pool.

  • Swimming in the pool. You should be aware since this pool is deep. The depth is about 75 feet. But, you can swim or do floating meditation there. Swimming in this pool can refresh you after doing tiring trecking.
  • Exploring other pools. As stated above, there are Cheval Bassin, Bassin Yes, Bassin Clair, and Bassin Palmiste. So, make sure that you explore all the basins. Bassin Cheval is suitable for children since it is not deep. Besides, you can also swim at Bassin Yes which has 15 feet depth. Then, Bassin Palmiste has 57 feet depth. The most wonderful pool you should visit is Bassin Clair. But, you need more effort to reach it.
  • Diving in the pool. You can try to dive in Bassin Clair or Bassin Bleu. This pool is rich in minerals that can offer a floating sensation when you dive in.

That’s all the detailed explanation about Bassin Bleu in Haiti. The best time to visit this natural pool is in summer. During summer, the color of the pool is clear turquoise. But, in the rainy season, the pool turns into a muddy brown.

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