Best Beach in Antalya You Must Visit

By | December 9, 2021

Antalya is one of the destinations you must visit when you are in Turkey. This city offers several resort locations that will blow your mind. Beach in Antalya must be on your travel bucket list. You not only can find one beach in this city. Antalya has some mesmerizing beaches that will amaze you.

Here we have listed down several beaches in Antalya. These beaches will be the perfect destination for your summer holidays.

1. Mermeli Beach

Mermeli is recommended beach in Antalya. The location of this beach is near Kaleici Harbor. The location of this beach is behind a cliff So, it looks like a private beach. The travelers can sunbathe on the lounge chairs here. Besides, you can swim in Mermeli Beach as well.

2. Lara Beach

People call Lara Beach the gold sand beach. It is because the color of the sand is like gold when the sunset comes. This makes the beach seems warmer than other beaches in Turkey. Lara Beach provides some facilities such as a camping area, water sports facilities, and some accommodation options.

The location of Lara Beach is not far from the city. That is why Lara Beach is the right choice when you want to spend the holidays with your family. You can sunbathe, try beach sports, and stay in the camping area.

3. Kaputas Beach

Another recommendation of a beach in Antalya is Kaputas Beach. This beach offers dazzling scenery with turquoise water and white sand. You can relax while enjoying the beach view here. Besides, you can do some water activities such as swimming and water sport.

4. Çirali Beach.

Çirali Beach is different from other beaches in Antalya. Other beaches may offer resort facilities. But, if you are searching for a natural beach with a down-to-earth vibe, Çirali Beach is the right answer. Even though this beach offers natural beauty, you still can find guesthouses and hostels there.

5. Patara Beach

The location of Patara Beach is near the Lycian city of Patara. This beach has beautiful dark blue water crashing the white sand. The length of this beach is 18 km. The facilities you can find in Patara Beach are sun loungers, umbrellas, and food stalls.

Here you can find the conservation place for Caretta-Caretta turtles. Besides, you can do some water sports and take the scenery’s picture. Unfortunately, you cannot swim in Patara Beach because of the high waves.

6. Cleopatra Beach

Even the length of this beach is only 2 km, Cleopatra Beach becomes the most beautiful beach near Antalya. Here is the history behind the name Cleopatra. Roman General Anthony gave Alanya town to Queen Cleopatra. Then, Cleopatra spent her life and often bathed on this beach.

Things you can do on Cleopatra beach are snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, and playing some water sports. Cleopatra Beach is also suitable for family holidays.

That’s all the recommended beach in Antalya. Since Antalya offers many beautiful beaches, visiting this city for one day is not enough. Make sure that you have scheduled several days to spend your holidays in Antalya.

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