Things to Know When Visiting Belfry of Bruges in Belgium

By | November 19, 2021

When coming to Bruges, Belgium, one of the best things to do that everyone will be recommending is visiting the Belfry of Bruges. This is one of the most popular landmarks in this country that is full of visitors every day. But what is this tower about? And how can people get there?

The Belfry of Bruges or known as Belfort Van Brugge in Bruges is one of the high towers people will see in this city. The tower itself is attached to other buildings and contains several bells. In the old days, this tower was used for municipal archives and a place to spot any danger. However, nowadays this tower has become a museum.

A Guide to Bruges Belfry Tower

Now for those who are planning to visit this attraction, please make sure to pay attention to this information. Not only will this guide get you there but also know what to expect when you arrive. So, for those who plan to visit the tower, here are some important information you must know:

1. How to Get There

First, people should know that the Belfry Tower is in Bruges or Dutch it is Brugge. So, when you want to get to this location by train, make sure to look for Brugge as the destination. Once you arrive at the station, you can either walk around 1.5 kilometers or take a bus that normally comes every 15 minutes. If you want to see the pretty neighborhood, then it is better to walk.

2. Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to enter the tower depends on your age. If you are an adult above 26 years old, then you’ll have to pay full price around €14. As for younger adults from 7-25 years old, the price is cheaper, €12. If you have kids that are under this age, then lucky you because the fee is free. Residents with a Musea Brugge card are also free of entrance.

However, visitors must know that the tickets are usually sold out on the weekends or in peak seasons. So, if you don’t want to disappoint yourself, it is best to book a ticket days before coming. You can book the ticket online or by phone. As for the opening hour, the tower is open from 9 AM – PM every day with the last admission at 7 PM.

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3. Amounts of Stairs to Climb & Duration

Due to the Covid situation, the amount of people that can enter and climb the tower is still limited. So, when you come in a peak season, the waiting may take a long while. As for the climbing session, overall, it takes around 45 minutes to climb 366 steps and explore the tower.

4. Bring Earplugs

For those who suffer from tinnitus, it is best to bring an earplug when you come to visit. Remember that this building has bells that will constantly ring in a period. So, if you suffer from any kind of ear problems, then don’t forget to bring an earplug.

5. What to See

When you reach the top of the tower, you will not only get to explore the rooms but also see the beautiful scenery of Brugge. From the top, you can have a wide view of the city that you may have not seen before. So, when you climb the stairs, make sure to capture this moment!

Is it Worth the Climb?

Now some people have been asking, is the climb to Belfry of Bruges worth the price and time? Well, the answer is yes, totally yes! Even though it is a bit tiring, the view and the experience are just worth everything!

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