5 Best Bali Beach Clubs You Can Consider to Visit

By | November 30, 2021

Bali is starting to popularize the beach club concept so that tourists have a different experience when enjoying the beach. Beach club is a term from the word beach and club or entertainment place that provides music, dance, food, and drink. If you want to give it a try, you should find out the best Bali beach clubs.

This is because Bali has many beach clubs with different concepts and facilities. Beach clubs are also not only in Canggu but also in Seminyak to Ulu Watu. The following are 5 recommendations for the best Bali beach clubs that you can use as a reference:

1. Finns Beach Club

Located on the edge of Canggu Beach, Finns Beach Club is an iconic Balinese beach club for watching people surf while chatting, snacking, and waiting for the beautiful sunset view.

With two swimming pools, nine bars, two restaurants, and a wide selection of lounge chairs and daybeds, Finns should be on the list of best Bali beach clubs you must visit. In addition to the beach club, Finns Bali has a Recreation Club that provides a fitness and spa area, as well as a Splash Water Park and lap pool.

2. Mrs. Sippy Beach Club

This beach club has the largest saltwater swimming pool in Bali. This is the perfect beach club to enjoy drinks, food, and music. With a wide selection of daybeds, dive sites, and music from DJs at night, Mrs. Sippy will give you the ultimate party experience.

Don’t miss the 5 Hour Happy Hour which is held every Thursday and Happy Hour which is held Monday-Friday at 5-6 pm to get food and drinks at the best prices.

3. Tropicola

This beach club has a pool club color block theme, giving it an 80s vibe which is quite interesting. Therefore, no wonder Tropical is included in the list of the best Bali beach club. You can enjoy the sunset from one of the swimming pools there.

At night, the DJ will entertain you with his lively music. If you want to visit this beach club, you can go to Pantai Batu Belig Street, Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak, North Kuta, Badung.

4. Potato Head Bali

This beach club, which is located on the shores of Seminyak, is one of the most popular beach clubs in Bali. The modern architectural design combined with some used wood materials gives Potato Head Bali its uniqueness.

Potato Head has several restaurants and bars with a very large lawn and swimming pool for you to relax while waiting for the sunset. Don’t forget to stop by their souvenir shop because there is so much unique merchandise that you can buy here.

5. La Brisa Canggu

If you want to discover the true beauty of Bali, you must come here. At this beach club located in Canggu, you can enjoy the sea breeze and enjoy the beautiful scenery. La Brisa serves seafood and drinks with a “sea” theme to accompany your time here.

As a tip, if you want to come here, come between 4 or 5 pm when the sun is still there. So you can take as many photos as you can. In addition, at that time, there were not too many guests.

Those are the best Bali beach clubs that you must visit. Choose a beach club that suits your preferences. Don’t forget to come before sunset so you get the best spot.

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