Best Beaches in Italy You Must Add to Your Travel Bucket List

By | December 6, 2021

The Italian coast that lies between the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas is the place where you can find the best beaches in Italy. You can enjoy secluded bays with relaxing waves lapping on the seashore. Also, you can visit impressive beach destinations with high-class facilities.

Italy offers adorable beaches in every way. Everyone has their own choice to determine which beach attracts them the most. If you are not sure which beach you are going to visit on your next vacation, here we list down the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

1. Cala Goloritze

This tiny beach is located in the South of Cala Biriola, Sardinia. Once you visit it, you will be amazed by its limestone cliff and soft sand.

Cala Goloritze becomes the most photogenic beach in the region. You can access this beach by boat or car. Make sure that you have good preparation since you have to hike for 90 minutes to reach this beach.

Also, do not forget to bring snorkeling equipment. Its crystal clear water is the best place to snorkel and see the amazing sea creatures.

2. Tropea Beach

This beach is also popular as the Jewel of Calabria. The stunning cliff makes Tropea Beach become one of the best beaches in Italy. If you are looking for a quiet place, Tropea beach is the best decision to go to. Unlike other regions in this country, Tropea is not commercialized.

The iconic building in this beach area is the 12th century cathedral. If you want to get the best view of the sea, you should enjoy it from Santa Maria dell’Isola Church. Also, you can try all the Italian dishes in some restaurants on the seaside resort.

3. Acquafredda di Maratea Beach

Planning to take a wedding photograph? Acquafredda di Maratea Beach is the most suitable destination for you. This beach is not too far from Maratea. There you will be mesmerized by its rugged cliffs, dark gray sand, and rocky shoreline.

The visitors can rent umbrellas and sun loungers to enjoy the beautiful view. Also, they can try some water activities such as snorkeling or swimming. Besides, you can explore the caves that can be accessed by boat.

4. Marina Grande Beach

The gorgeous cliffs and lovely houses on the top make Marina Grande Beach become one of the prettiest beaches on the Amalfi Coast. No wonder, this beach can attract many tourists every summer.

If you plan to visit this cosmopolitan beach, make sure that you arrive earlier in the morning. This way, you will not miss out on the lounge chairs as well as the beach umbrellas. Besides, you also can enjoy the picturesque sea views from the bars and restaurants in that area.

5. Otranto Beach

Otranto Beach is situated in Otranto, the easternmost town in Italy. This town is well known for its delicious cheese and fine wine.

Otranto is the perfect destination for doing water activities. Sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling are the best activities you can do there while admiring the appealing cliffs. Without a doubt, Otranto becomes one of the best beaches in Italy.

Talking about the accommodations on this beach, you can find everything you need. Apartments and high-end hotels are available there. You also can enjoy fresh seafood as well as Italian pasta in the restaurants near the beach.

Those are five recommendations about the best beaches in Italy to visit in summer. Which beach are you going to visit? Make sure that you add one of the beaches above to your travel bucket list.

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