Bialowieza Forest National Park – See Bison in Its Natural Habitat

By | December 11, 2021

Bialowieza Forest National Park is a natural forest in Poland. This natural place can enter the list of UNESCO World Heritage. This forest grows naturally for hundreds of years without any intervention from humans.

This forest is an exceptional place in Europe. It is because the uninterrupted natural process can take place here. As a result, this forest is full of extraordinary flora and fauna. Do you need more information about Bialowieza Primeval Forest? Here we list down detailed info about this forest.

The Location

The location of Bialowieza Forest National Park is on the border of Belarus and Poland. This forest is 70 km north of Belarus and 62 km southeast of Poland. Since the location of the forest is between two countries, this place has a border crossing for cyclists and hikers.

This forest is popular for its bison population. Besides, it is also well-known for cycling and hiking. Visiting this forest gives you a chance to observe the exceptional biodiversity and rare species.

How to Get to Bialowieza Forest

You can reach this forest by car or public transportation. Here is the guide to access this forest. If you go there by car, you can take the route from Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk, Lodz, or Lublin.

Besides, you also can go to this national park by public transportation. You should note that there is no train to Bialowieza. The nearest train station is in Hajnowka. Besides, you can reach Bialystok city by train. Then, from this city, you can take a bus for about 2 hours to Bialowieza.

Open Hours and Ticket

Bialowieza Forest is open daily from 16th April to 15th October from 9 AM to 5 PM. Besides, from 16th October to 15th April, this natural forest is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

You can purchase the ticket to enter Bialowieza Forest online. A regular ticket costs 10 PLN. Besides, the reduced ticket costs 5 PLN. In addition, children under 4 years old are free to enter. It is better to purchase the Bialowieza Forest ticket in advance.

Attractions in Bialowieza Forest

There are many interesting things you can enjoy at Bialowieza Forest National Park. This forest has trails that allow visitors to see European Bison in their natural habitat. But, sometimes it is difficult to see this animal.

You can see other animals such as red deer, moose, wild boar, lynx, as well as tarpan-type horses. If you are lucky, you can see the animal called Zubron. It is a big animal which is the cross between bison and cattle.

Since these animals live in the natural environment, you may not be able to see them anytime. You also only can see them from the fence. From the Bialowieza Village, you can take Bison’s Ribs educational trail.

The trail runs on the wooden footbridge. Then, you can return to Bialowieza Village by following the yellow trail.

That’s all the detailed information about Bialowieza Forest National park. It is better to call the guides from Bialowieza Forest. They will give you the best recommendation about the trail you can take.

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