Big Bula Water Park, The Things To Know Before You Go

By | January 9, 2022

Located in the heart of Denarau Island, Big Bula Water Park is a must for you to visit. This water park has some fun water slides and inflatables so you get an experience you won’t forget. Then, in this water park, there is also a special area for adults and children so that everyone can enjoy all the rides here.

There are also facilities such as a cafe and a mini spa so those of you who don’t want to swim or water slides can still enjoy it here. However, the price is quite expensive but worth the fun. If you want to know more about Big Bula Water Park, here is the review:

About Big Bula Water Park

In this water park, you can find a wide selection of waterslides and activities. As you enter the park, you’ll pass through the jaws of a shark and see some fun slides. Ranging from relatively light inflatables to larger and taller slides. Then, there’s an inflatable climbing wall, mechanical surfboards for you to ride, and a jousting station.

If you are bringing children aged four and under, there is a fenced area, which has a smaller children’s slide, and a bouncy area. Then, at the end of the long walkway, you can find many slides. Moreover, there are 4 slides from the central tower, which are fun. You can climb the four-story tower to the top slide on a two-person inner tube to ride the slide.


Big Bula Water Park is very exciting for you to visit because, in addition to having many waterslides, the facilities are also quite complete. For example, you can find a mini spa, where you can braid your hair or massage your toes. So, if you don’t like playing in the water park, you can visit the mini-spa and let your kids play in the water park.

Another facility is a small cafe that serves food and canned beer. In addition, the cafe here also serves snacks, including ice cream made in New Zealand, and has plenty of space to relax.

Ticket Pricing

To visit the water park, you can only pay in Fiji Dollars. For adults, you have to pay FJ$89, and children under 5 years old pay FJ$60. Then, if you come as a family of four, you can take the family package for FJ$ 330. You can also rent a locker for FJ$8 and rent a towel for FJ$ 8. This water park is open Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 am to 05.00 shine or rain.

Opening Hours

Access to go here is very easy, you can take the Bula Bus from one of the big hotels and go straight here and get dropped off again after a day of fun. If you have already purchased a Bula Bus ticket, it will also take you around the park. Then, if you’re staying at the Sheraton or Westin, it’s probably faster if you walk.

Now you know more about Big Bula Water Park, which is fun for you to visit. You can not only ride the waterslide or swim but also relax in the mini spa or at the cafe. Access here is also easy so there is no reason for you to miss visiting this water park.

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