The Blue Cave in Vanuatu, The Things To Know Before You Go

By | January 5, 2022

Located on Tanna Island, Blue Cave is one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists when visiting Vanuatu. This cave has a very charming view because there is very clear and bluish water in it. Especially when sunlight enters through the hole in the roof of the cave, shades of blue will immediately emit on the cave walls.

It is a beautiful and amazing tourist destination that many tourists want to visit. However, how to get there, and when is the right time to come to this cave? If you want to know more about the Blue Cave, here is the review:

At The Blue Cave

This cave is very unique because at the top of the cave there is a large hole where sunlight enters and creates a vertical beam of light. Moreover, the sunlight also turns the water in the cave glowing blue. This is what makes the color of the walls in the cave glow and blue.

The best access to reach the Blue Cave location is by boat via the waterway. Arriving at the point that you have specified, you have to swim and dive through the entrance of the cave that is in the sea. Therefore, you should have the ability to swim before visiting this cave.

However, at low tide, you can snorkel in this cave. You can enter the second cave on a rock wall about 2 meters, which is surrounded by gorgonian fans. Inside the cave, you can also see banded sea snakes exploring the coral walls for food and ribbon eels waving from hollows. Then, at the shallowest point, you can stand on a large rock and breathe in the fresh air in the cave.

How To Get There

If you want to visit this cave, you can fly to Port Vila international airport (VLI). Then, you fly to Tanna airport (TAH) and take a tour of the caves. In most cases, to get into the cave, the boat will get to the entrance of the cave and you have to swim a little underwater.

You should be able to swim, but if not, the guide will help you every time. To go to this cave, you can also take a jeep tour of the cave and go into the water from above. However, this option is not common due to its difficult access.

When To Go

If you visit this cave, you should know the best time to visit it. This is because if you visit it during the rainy season, you will find it difficult to enter the cave. After all, the cave entrance is covered with water. Then, this is a dangerous condition if you enter it.

The best time to visit this cave is the dry period from July to October. In addition, the rainy period with high intensity is from November to May. So, make sure you don’t visit the cave during those months so you won’t be disappointed.

Now you know many things about the Blue Cave, a very beautiful and amazing cave. You can go to Tanna Island and visit this cave by joining a tour. Don’t forget to choose the right period to come here so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the cave and do many things here.

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