Bonegi I and II – Discover the Impressive Underwater Beauty in Solomon

By | December 24, 2021

Bonegi I and II are the most popular diving sites in Solomon. The diving site is near Bonegi Beach on the west of Honiara in Solomon Island. Another name of Bonegi I is The Hirokawa Maru. Besides, Bonegi II is also called Kinugawa Maru.

On these diving sites, you can explore the Japanese shipwreck. These ships were sunk during World War II. In this article, you can find detailed information about Bonegi I and Bonegi II. Here we explain the location of Bonegi I and Bonegi II diving sites, their history, and things to explore.

The Location

Bonegi I and II are located near Solomon Island. These diving sites are next to Bonegi Creek on the west of Honiara. You can drive from Honiara to Bonegi Beach for 20 minutes. Then, the location of Bonegi II is several hundred meters from the Hirokawa Maru or Bonegi I.

The History

Hirokawa Maru and Kinugawa Maru are the Japanese ships of World War II. The American soldiers attacked these ships when they were on the way to Guadalcanal. The ships were bombarded from the sea and land. As a result, the ships wrecked and sunk off Bonegi Beach.

The ship has 156 meters in length. The Hirokawa Maru was actually stranded ashore. But due to earthquakes, storms, and salvagers’ actions, the ship is now lying on the port side in the sea. The bow is in 5 meters while the stern is in 60-meter depth.

What to Explore

To explore the best view underwater in Bonegi I and II, you can snorkel or scuba dive. There are many interesting underwater spots you can discover. But, before you dive into this spot, you should do the orientation dive with a professional and experienced instructor.

This diving spot offers lovely corals and fish. You can swim through some section of the ship’s deck as it is open. You can find a lot of gorgonian sea fans on the side of the ship. Many corals cover most parts of the wreck. So, it will be difficult to figure out the shape of the ship.

This wreck now is like an artificial reef where you can find a wide range of fish species. The reef is the home of lionfish, butterflies fish, snapper, sweetlips, and batfish. The corals grow well in Solomon. Some of them grow to be large size coral.

Diving Tips

The best time to dive in Bonegi I and II are in October. During October, the temperature of the Bonegi sea is warm so it is an excellent time to swim, snorkel, and dive in this place. Besides, you also can consider visiting Bonegi Beach in June, July, August, and September.

You should note that there is no lifeguard in Bonegi Beach, you should be careful to swim, dive, or snorkel in this area. It will be better if you dive with a professional diver for safety purposes. Besides, you can ask your friends to accompany you diving in this wreck.

That’s all the detailed information about Bonegi I and II. There are no restaurants and shops near the beach. So, make sure that you bring enough food and drink when you go to Bonegi Beach.

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