Visiting Brownsberg Nature Park, Know the Best Things to Explore

By | December 23, 2021

Suriname become one of the small countries in America which have many beautiful places. This is a country dedicated to building a green ecosystem. Brownsberg Nature Park has become one of the green ecosystems built in Suriname. There are many people who visit this beautiful place. This is the best place for family careers.

How to Get There?

This green park is located in the South of Paramaribo, Suriname. You need to take 130 Km from the central city of Paramaribo. There is a lot of transportation that can be used to get here. The best transportation to use is a car. In addition, there is much public transportation to get here.

Tourists need to spend a few hours driving from Paramaribo. There are many tour guides who also provide services to accompany visitors. This park has 12.000 hectares of natural land. This will give tourists many refreshing photo spots.

The Best Things to Explore in Brownsberg Nature Park

There are many floras and fauna species that live here. You can find more than 200 bird species here. These are the local birds that live in Suriname. Besides, there are many things that can to explore here. Here is the best thing to explore in this green park.

1. Exploring Howler Monkey Island

There are not many people who know that this is Monkey Island. You can find many monkey groups in Howler. However, the inhabitants of this primate may be fleeting. Hence, you should prepare yourself to see this monkey. Not every tourist is lucky enough to see them.

Not only monkeys, you can also find a few lizards. This animal can be seen on the border of the island. Howler Monkey Island is a place where turtles are raised. Many sea turtles grow here. You can also play with this turtle.

2. Enjoying Brokopondo Reservoir

Have you ever seen the Brokopondo Reservoir before? This is the best reservoir in Brownsberg Nature Park. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are many mysterious stories here. In the middle of 1960, this place is a forested valley. There are many scary ghost trees.

There are many tour guides who provide services to visit here. You will stay in the local lodge during your vacation. There are many chefs who cook the local food here. Visitors must taste the authentic taste of the chef. It will be interesting, right?

3. Fishing for Piranha

You may think that Piranha is a dangerous predator. Few tourists think this is a beautiful fish. Did you know that local piranhas usually catch this piranha? Many indigenous people use piranhas to cook. This is one of the special fish to cook for them.

The tour guide will bring the visitor to enjoy fishing for Piranha. You can use frozen chicken as bait. This is the favorite bait for piranha. If you have good luck, you will get a big piranha that has scary teeth. So, you can take a picture with this fish, right?

These are the most worth exploring in the Brownsberg Nature Park. There are many beautiful spots to take a picture here. You will also find many flora and fauna species here. This is an unforgettable holiday you will spend, right?

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