Cable Car to Mount Pilatus, the Infamous Dragon Ride!

By | November 20, 2021

No need to be Daenerys Targaryen if you want to ride a dragon. Famously known as Dragon Ride, a cable car to Mount Pilatus is all you need. This cable car will help you get to the Mountains of Dragons. Here are things you need to know about Dragon Ride.

One Day Trip to Mount Pilatus

Local legends said that Mount Pilatus is the place where Pontius Pilate was buried. There are some folktales that tell a different story that this mountain is like a giant belly, Pilate. But, medieval lore has a more interesting story. That this mountain is home to dragons with healing power. Despite all the legends, Pilatus Mountain is a beautiful place that will stun and amaze you.

The cable car to Mount Pilatus is part of a one-day tour called Golden Round Trip to this amazing mountain. If you want to experience this activity, the best time to visit is around May to October when it snows. To get there, take the train and stop at Lucerne station. Next, there will be a bus that will take you to Mount Pilatus across the station building.

Aerial Cableway Dragon Ride is the newest way for visitors to visit Mount Pilatus. This cable car transports you from and to the mountain. If you stay at a hotel nearby or within the area, simply take a bus from the hotel to Mount Pilatus Cableway. To make it easier, choose Winter Tell Pass to get the whole package of transportation.

After redeeming your pass coupon/ticket you can hop into the cable car and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Everything you see changes from green lakes and mountains to a white and smokey view. It’s like flying to another dimension. Up above, you will feel calm but thrilling at the same time. It really boosts your adrenaline and is so much fun.

Best Activities You Can Do

The route is amazing, the view is mesmerizing, and sitting inside the cable car is an unforgettable moment. But, there are still other activities you can do at the mountain area such as follows:

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1. Children Playground

Trip to Pilatus Mountain with a cable car known best for a family with kids. It is because there is a playground at the top of the mountain where children can play with snow and enjoy the fresh air. Also feel free to build a snowman, castle, or throw a snowball from the top of the mountain.

2. Have a Cup of Coffee

It will be your best coffee for your entire life. Up there, you can easily find coffee shops where you can also have snacks to fill up your stomach. Sit back at the bench, breathe the air, and sip your coffee. Thus, makes you the luckiest man on earth.

3. Shopping

Don’t forget to buy souvenirs for your loved ones from this legendary mountain. If it’s your first time, then you must try the experience of shopping at the top of the mountain. You can find food, souvenirs, postcards, and other interesting things to buy.

A cable car to Mount Pilatus is exceptional and a must-try when you visit Switzerland. As part of the Golden Round Trip, it will take you to the most stunning place in Switzerland. Also, remember to only do this activity from May to October. Covid 19 Protocol may be applied.

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