Experience Fun Camping Near Elephant Rock State Park in Saudi

By | December 11, 2021

Are you looking for a fun experience in Saudi Arabia? Camping near Elephant Rock State Park can be the best option. This state park is also called Jabal Alfil. Even Saudi Arabia is not well-known for its tourism places; visiting Elephant Rock is worth trying.

You can enjoy the view of unique rock formations. Besides, you also can sleep under the stars. This amazing experience should you try at least once in your lifetime. In this article, you can find out detailed information about camping near Elephant Rock State Park. It includes the location, facilities, open hours, as well as entrance policy.

The Location of Elephant Rock

The location of this magical shape of the rock is in Al Ula, West of Saudi Arabia. This elephant-shaped rock is in the middle of the desert. The tourism site which is also called Jabal Alfil can attract many tourists from around the world.  You can reach Elephant Rock by driving cars 11 km to the northeast of the province.

Why Is It Called Elephant Rock?

You may be curious about the reason people call it Elephant Rock. It is because the shape of this rocky mountain looks like the trunk and the body of the huge elephant. The natural forces have formed this geological formation. The water erosion and wind have shaped this rocky mountain to be an elephant shape for millions of years.

What Can You Do at Elephant Rock?

Camping near Elephant Rock State Park is not the only activity you can do at Al-Ula. In this camping ground, you can sit on the sunken seating and bean bags available around the rocky mountain. You can enjoy the view of a magical natural-shaped rocky mountain.

Then, if you want to stay in Elephant Rock State Park, you can build up some tents. This way, you can experience sleeping in the desert and under the beautiful sky full of stars. It must be more exciting than staying in a hotel.

Do not forget to take some pictures in front of Elephant Mountain. You can have an impressive red elephant-shaped mountain with golden sands desert as the photo background.

Open Hour

Elephant Rock State Park is open from 4 PM to 12 AM. But, the camping ground is open 24 hours. The best time to visit this iconic geological landmark is during summer. Since the weather is so hot, you should wear protective clothing as well as sunblock.

Entrance Policy

The visitors must obey the entrance policy when they want to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Elephant Rock. First, the visitors must wear masks. Then, they also need to display their health status by using the Tawakkalna App.

In order to reduce the crowd, the government may limit the number of visitors who come to Elephant Rock. You should not worry about the hygiene of this tourism place. It is because the areas and facilities are disinfected regularly.

That’s all the complete explanation about camping near Elephant Rock State Park. Make sure that you visit this magical geological landmark when you are in Saudi Arabia.

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