Canal Tour and River Excursion You Must Try In St. Petersburg

By | December 13, 2021

When you visit St. Petersburg, the most exciting experience you must have is trying a canal tour. This city provides some boat trips along its rivers and canals. So, you can select the boat excursion based on the budget and duration.

Enjoying boat trips will give you a different view of this city. The view of St. Petersburg through its canal differs from the view from the ground. Therefore you must be selective in choosing the boat trip in order to get the best experience. Here are we list down several river excursions and canal tours in St. Petersburg, Russia:

1. One Hour Boat Trip

This canal tour is the most popular activity you can do in St. Petersburg. You will be able to get on board the ship. Then, you will travel through the canal. A guide will accompany you during this trip. To book the ship, you can find it on Nevsky Avenue. Besides, you also can book the ship near Mikhailovsky Castle.

Various routes are available. But, most of the routes offer the view of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island, Peter and Paul Fortress, and Hermitage. In addition, the price of this canal tour is about 800 up to 900 Rubles with a 1,5-hour duration.

2. Six Stops Water Cruise

This boat trip has a similar concept to bus routes. You just need to purchase a day ticket. Then, you can hop on and hop off at six stops. The stops are including The Summer Garden, the Admiralty Embankment next to Hermitage, Cruiser Aurora, The Peter and Paul Fortress, The Faberge Museum, and the Kunstkamera museum.

The price of this trip is around 900 Rubles for a one-day ticket. Besides, the departure starts at 11 AM and the last departure is at 8 PM.

3. Boat Tour Along Neva River

Another tour you can try is an excursion along the Neva River. You can get onboard a double-deck ship for one and a half hour trip duration. There is also a guide who can speak Russian and English.

Through this trip, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the gulf and gorgeous buildings along the embankments of the canal and river. You can book the ship from Admiralteyskaya as well as from Dvortsovaya embankments. This boat tour costs starting at 800 Rubles.

4. Night Boat Tour

If you want to try a unique and different experience of a canal tour, you should enjoy the night boat tour. Besides, you also can watch the raising bridge. You can select a one-deck boat or a double-deck ship. This boat is available at Nevsky Avenue junction.

The duration of the night boat tour is for about 2 hours. Besides, this tour costs 1000 Rubles. In addition, it is better to book the boat tour in advance if you visit this place during the high season.

5. Dining Cruise

Enjoying the spectacular view while dining and listening to the music on a ship will be an unforgettable moment. The menu offered in this dining cruise varies. For instance, there are a la carte meat dishes, fish, and salads.

The cost of the dining cruise tour is 900 Rubles. But, you must note that it does not include the price of the food you order.

That’s all the detailed explanation about the canal tour in St. Petersburg, Russia. Which boat trip will you choose? You can book the trip online and ensure a safe reservation.

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