Bassin Bleu, Swimming and Diving in a Natural Cobalt Blue Pool in Haiti

Bassin Bleu

When you are visiting Haiti, you should not miss visiting the most beautiful swimming hole, Bassin Bleu. This natural pool is surrounded by gorgeous rock formations. There are other four pools you can visit. They are Bassin Cheval, Bassin Clair, Bassin Yes, and Bassin Palmiste. Do you need some guides before visiting this appealing natural … Read more

5 Things To Do In Haiti for Unforgettable Trip

Things To Do In Haiti

Haiti is one of the charming countries located in the Caribbean Islands. This country has many interesting historical heritage buildings to visit and amazing natural attractions. Tourists can also have a lot of things to do in Haiti, such as hiking, historical tours, and cooling off. So, Haiti not only offers the charm of the … Read more