City Cultural Tour In Beautiful Historical Estonia

By | December 31, 2021

Traveling is interesting and also very fun. Many people are willing to spend a lot of money to be able to travel. There are many benefits if someone goes on a tour, namely the mind becomes fresher, feels calmer, besides that it can also increase knowledge about history and can see the beauty of nature. Here are place to visit in beautiful historical Estonia.

Beautiful Historical Estonia

Place to Visit at Beautiful Historical Estonia

Traveling can also relieve stress due to the daily grind of work. Discussing tourism, here will  tourist attractions in the Baltic countries with a historical and cultural background.

Tartu City Cultural Tour as Beautiful Historical Estonia

If you want to visit places that have history and culture, yes you can. There are several tours in Estonia that provide this experience, one of which is in the city of Tartu. Tartu is a city in Estonia. The city is the second largest city after the capital, Tallinn. Tartu is also at the same time a cultural center in beautiful historical Estonia.

Tartu itself is the oldest city in Estonia and even in the Baltic region itself. This city stores a variety of historical relics in the form of fascinating medieval European heritage buildings. There are some of the cultural destinations in this city. You can visit are the Estonian National Museum and the oldest theater that uses. If you use the services of a professional guide, they will invite you to tour the old city of Tartu. You can do it while showing important places there.

In this beautiful historic Estonia you can enjoy the historic beauty of the place. A professional guide will explain specifically about the history of the important buildings there and the culture that exists in the old town itself. If you love culture and culture and history, a trip to the oldest city in the Baltic region will take you back to the Middle Ages.

Viljandi Tour

The next tour in Estonia is located in a town called Viljandi. Viljandi is a small town that still has a peaceful local rural atmosphere and a place for local residents who still adhere to traditional culture. This place holds a thick culture and history; here you can find the ruins of an ancient castle that was once used during the Livonian reign.

Not only that, the tours here present a thick local culture with views of houses dominated by traditional wooden architecture. And don’t forget to combine it with the view of the dense forest surrounding the city. As well as stunning lake views with interesting natural nuances and local culture. You will get best experiences in beautiful historical Estonia.

 Around this city there are also other tourist destinations such as Soomaa National Park which saves natural beauty as well as historical tourism in an old manor relic Olustvere from the 16th century.

It is noted that Viljandi is often used as a venue for major festivals in beautiful historical Estonia.. The most famous festival here is the folk music festival, because of the popularity of the folk music scene here. Viljandi called “The Heart of the Estonian Folk Music and Local Heritage”.

Every summer you can enjoy the warmth while taking part in the excitement of the traditional folk music festival that is still maintained by the local community. Local guides are also available to accompany you to explore information and unique stories about the culture that exists in Viljandi.

There are interesting place to visit in beautiful historical Estonia. Hope this can be references for you.

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