City of the Dead – A Mysterious and Creepy Place in Russia

By | December 14, 2021

If you are interested in visiting a mystical tourism place, the City of the Dead must be on your travel bucket list. This place is actually an ancient burial site. The complex consists of 99 tombs and crypts. This location is hidden away in one of the mountains and surrounded by the clifftop.

Since this ancient cemetery is mysterious, the locals never go to this place. They believe that the people who try to enter this dead city will never be able to return.  Are you more curious about this burial site? Here we have explained the detailed information about this ancient cemetery.

The Location

The location of the City of the Dead is in Dargavs Village. It is in the Prigorodny District of North Ossetia-Alania, Russia. This burial site is on the Gizeldon River. This cemetery is on the list of creepiest places in Russia.

The History

The village of Dargavs has an ancient burial site. This cemetery is the place where ancient people buried their family members along with their belongings. In addition, this cemetery consists of 100 ancient crypts.

Some sources said that in the 18th century, a plague occurred in Ossetia. People built some quarantine houses for sick people. They provided the sick people with enough food but no freedom. They lived in the quarantine house until their death.

The Architecture

The roof of the crypts looks like a pyramid in step-like form. Some crypts have flat sides on the back and front. Besides, the smallest crypts do not have any roof.

The material to build the wall of the crypts is stone blocks. There is a square hole on the wall to place the dead person in the crypt. The placement of the crypts and the tombs are close to one another.

There is also a tower at the highest point. The function of this tower is to watch over the crypts. There are many coins on the grounds next to the complex. The ancient Ossetians threw a coin from the hill. When the coin can hit a store, it means the soul of the dead bodies can reach heaven.

What You Can Do at City of the Dead

Visiting Dargavs Village can be an option when you want to feel and enjoy the ancient vibes of Ossetia. At this ancient cemetery, you can walk around to see the crypts closer. You should not be surprised since you can see some skulls and bones there.

Taking some photographs of the crypts is also possible. But, make sure that you do not take anything from the crypts.

Besides, you also can try the myth of this site. You can try to drop a coin into the ground or a wall next to the cemetery. If your coin can hit a stone it means that something good will happen.

That’s detailed information about the City of the Dead in Russia. It may be difficult to reach this ancient cemetery site since the local people avoid going to this place. Make sure that you behave well when you visit this ancient burial site.

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