Confederation Bridge – A Travel Guide to the Largest Landmark in Canada

By | January 5, 2022

Confederation Bridge is the most famous landmark in Canada. This bridge connects Prince Edward Island to the mainland area, New Brunswick. Besides, it straddles the Northumberland Strait. This bridge not only eases transportation but also becomes a tourist destination.

This magnificent structure attracts many tourists from all around the world. No wonder, the total number of visitors in a year is 900.000 people on average. In addition, this bridge is considered the longest bridge which crosses ice-covered water. Hence, thousands of visitors adore this structure.

The Location

This bridge extends more than 7,5 miles. It connects New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The location of Confederation Bridge is in Rota 16 New Brunswick, Bayfield, Canada. The existence of this bridge helps people to cross to Prince Edward Island. You can cross this bridge by car for 12 minutes.

Open Hours and Toll Fee

This bridge is open 24 hours. So, you can cross to Prince Edward Island anytime. When you leave Prince Edward Island, you have to pay the toll fee. The charge is based on the type of vehicle you ride. For instance, the toll fee for the car is $50.25. If you ride a motorcycle, you have to pay $20. Besides, the cyclist has to pay $9.50.

After crossing the bridge, you can arrive at Prince Edward Island. You can do many fun activities on this island. There are a lot of tourism attractions in Prince Edward Island that you should not miss. For instance, you can visit Seven Mile Bay, Howards Cove Lighthouse, Batt Pottery, and Julie’s Yarn Shoppe.

Tourism Places around Confederation Bridge

If you want to enjoy the view of the longest bridge in Canada, you can also visit several interesting places below. Make sure that you visit these destinations to get a memorable experience in Canada.

  • Howards Cove Lighthouse

The location of this lighthouse is on Prince Edward Island. It is 15 km from the bridge. It can be an interesting landmark on the island. That is because the visitors can do some activities there to spend their leisure time.

  • Seven Mile Bay

Another exciting activity you can do near the bridge is visiting Seven Mile Bay. This beach is a popular destination on Prince Edward Island. The distance of this beach from the bridge is about 15 km. As the beach is so beautiful, it is always full of tourists.

  • Julie’s Yarn Shoppe

If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can go to Julie’s Yarn Shoppe. You can purchase a wide range of local stuff to take home. Besides, the price of the merchandise is also reasonable.

  • Bat Pottery

If you like anything about crafting, you should visit Bat Pottery. This place offers Play in Clay Experiential Workshop. You can spend your day learning to make pottery. Then, you will get an unforgettable experience in this workshop.

That’s all the detailed information about Confederation Bridge. When you are visiting Canada, make sure that you cross along this bridge to enjoy various tourism spots in Prince Edward Island. It is because your travel to Canada remains complete without driving on this bridge.

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