Breathtaking Diving Experience with Dive Gizo in Solomon

By | December 15, 2021

Enjoying the underwater scenery in Solomon with Dive Gizo offers an unforgettable experience. Gizo is one of the best tourism places in Solomon. This location offers a wide range of amazing dive sites, lovely beaches, and comfortable places to stay.

If you plan to visit Solomon, make sure that you include Gizo on your list of destinations. Even this island is small; it offers friendly and exciting spots that you can explore. Here we explain detailed information about Gizo.

The Location

Gizo is a diving destination situated in the Western Province of Solomon. It serves as the capital city on Solomon Island. The area of this island is approximately 380 km.

Gizo Island has a small landing strip. This way, the tourists can reach this island easily by taking regular flights from Honiara. It also connects with some international flights.

About Dive Gizo

Dive Gizo is a diving center in Gizo. This company offers a standard of excellence for diving. So, it will make your trip to be more exciting. This diving center provides completed diving facilities and full-time diving instructor. Gizo Dive will give the best service and provide all of what you need.

You can start the diving activity at 9 AM. The staff will prepare the gear and put it on the boat. Then, the diving instructor will accompany you to snorkel for one or two hours. After having lunch, you can continue diving and explore the beauty of the underwater view at Gizo.

The Accommodation

If you plan to stay for several days in Gizo, you can select one of the three resorts below. Each resort offers a unique ambiance for the visitors.

  • Fatboy Resort

This resort is suitable for those who like western style. You can opt to stay in a room or a bungalow. In addition, Fatboy Resort is built over the water. You can walk through the wooden path to reach the restaurant or bar.

  • Sanbis Resort

This resort targets the youth. Sanbis Resort offers a pool table on the bar. Besides, there are many games rooms in this resort. Then, you can stay in its bungalow which has air conditioning. Do not forget to try its iconic large pizza often if you stay in this resort.

  • Imagination Island

This resort offers a large bar where you can enjoy espresso coffee. Besides, Imagination Island provides communal rooms with balconies and bungalows. It also offers some water sports such as snorkeling and stand-up paddle.

Activities You Can Do at Gizo

Surely, diving is not the only activity you can do with Dive Gizo. This island also offers other activities for non-diving tourists. For instance, you can have bird tours, fishing, snorkeling, or enjoy the view of the lovely beach from the seashore.

However, most tourists visit Gizo Island because they want to enjoy many incredible diving spots. In addition, Gizo has a wide range of wonderful diving sites. For instance, it has Toa Maru, Grand Central Station, Secret Spot, Joe’s Wall, and American Hellcat Fighter Plane.

In addition, you also can explore American Corsair Fighter Plane, Plum Pudding Island, The Beach Dive, and The Gap. Since there are many diving spots to explore, it is not enough to visit this island only for one day.

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