Best Places for Diving at Raja Ampat That You Should Try

By | December 1, 2021

Raja Ampat is a district located in the West Papua Province in Indonesia. This island offers pure and beautiful nature that you may not see on other islands in the world. The best part is you can enjoy the beautiful view both on the island and sea. So, if you are a fan of diving, then diving at Raja Ampat is a must!

Many people say that Raja Ampat is heaven for those who love diving. Inside the sea, visitors can see more than 1000 species of reef fishes and 540 species of coral. The weather itself is normally very friendly, making it one of the best places to dive. For those planning to dive in Raja Ampat, here are some of the best spots to try:

1. Mioskun

The first spot you should visit if you go diving at Raja Ampat is Mioskun. This spot is great for beginners or people at the intermediate level because the current condition is normally light. However, sometimes the currents can also be strong, so it is best to check it out first.

When you dive into the ocean, you’ll get to see many yellow snappers and reefs together. And if you dive a bit farther, you can see more types of sea creatures such as seahorses, fusiliers to Wobbegong sharks!

2. Blue Magic

Not far from Misokun, the second place where people normally dive is the Blue Magic. In this area of the ocean, people must dive around 30 meters below the ocean to see different kinds of species. If you are lucky enough, you can see big schools of fish swimming together to several cleaning stations.

In some seasons of the year, people also get to see sharks and manta rays! These creatures are quite rare, so if you want to see them make sure to come to this spot in the right season.

3. Sardine Reef

The next popular spot that professional divers should try is the Sardine Reef. Compared to the other 2, this spot is quite big and deep. The current itself is also quite strong, so make sure to dive with a guide. In this spot, divers will get to see large schools of many fishes such as bannerfish, sardines to butterflyfishes. If those are boring for you, then search for some black-tipped reef sharks in this area.

4. Cape Kri

When diving at Raja Ampat, one of the spots that you must visit is Cape Kri. This spot holds the world record as one of the spots that have the largest numbers of species! So, just with one dive, divers can see many kinds of creatures such as sharks, coral diversity to small fishes. You can never get disappointed if you choose to dive into this spot.

Diving at Raja Ampat is a great experience that people will never forget! Not only do they get to see the beautiful sea but also the incredible scenery around the islands. However, coming to this island is not cheap at all. So, if you do plan to come here, make sure to be prepared because it can be quite expensive.

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