Visit Edge of the World to See Uninterrupted View of Horizon

By | December 12, 2021

The real name of Edge of the World is Jabal Fihrayn. This place is one of the most iconic tourism places in Saudi Arabia. From the top of this cliff, you can see the view of the horizon. Besides, you also can view the dried rivers in the desert. Sometimes you can see some camels walking on the grounds.

Interested to find detailed information about Jabal Fihrayn? Here you can find out the explanation about the location, how to get there, the history, and the facilities of Jabal Fihrayn.

The Location

The location of Jabal Fihrayn or Edge of the World is 90 minute-driving from Riyadh. To enter this site, you have to pass a hardtop or gate built by the local authority. The guards will check every visitor who comes to this site.

After passing the gate, you will see Shai’b Khaimah. During the rainy season, this valley turns green. It is because thousands of trees grow. It offers shade for visitors. You can use Google Maps to reach the cliff. The recommended vehicle to reach the cliff is uplifted 4×4 or four wheels cars.

How was the Cliff Formed?

This cliff is the result of the Arabian Plate tectonic movement. You can see the sediment layers on the clear cut of the cliff. This site was a tropical sea 150 million years ago. No doubt, you can find lots of fossils when you are walking along the path. You can take pictures of these fossils but you must not take any artifacts out of this site.

Preparation before Going to the End of the World

To visit Jabal Fihrayn, you must have good preparation. First, you must use a four-wheel drive since the route is dirt roads. You can reach the cliff through two routes. The first route is via Acacia Valley. But this route is not open every day (only Fridays and Saturdays). Besides, you also can go there through Sadus Dam which is open every day.

You also need to prepare a navigation tool. Please note that Google Maps sometimes does not have any sign. As an alternative, you can use

In addition, you have to stock up enough water and food. Also, it will be better if you go there in other vehicles. Who knows your vehicle gets stuck there? This way, you can get some help since there is no cellular reception in the cliff.

What Can You Do at Jabal Fahrayn

When you arrive at the parking area, you can hike to the bottom of the cliff. Just follow the path to get there. To get the best view, you have to hike to the top of the cliff. Do not forget to take some pictures with the horizon background. Besides, the valley is also suitable for camping. You can find many beautiful spots for camping.

The best time to visit the Edge of the World is during winter. It is because the temperature is comfortable for hiking. The weather is also good for camping. Besides, to get the best view, it is better to arrive at the cliff two hours before sunset.

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