Ene’io Botanical Garden – Exploring the Largest Garden in Tonga

By | January 11, 2022

Ene’io Botanical Garden has a wide variety of plant collections. It became the biggest garden in Tonga. You not only can wander around the garden. But, you can book a tour for hiking, bird watching, or relaxing at Ene’io Beach.

Do you have a plan to visit Tonga? If so, you may need the complete information related to this Botanical Garden. This article presents detailed info about the Botanical Garden location, Open Hour, Types of Tours, and Things to do in Ene’io.

The Location

The location of Ene’io Botanical garden is in Vava’u. You can reach this town in 10 minutes by driving from Neiafu. The garden covers 22 acres. It consists of 550 species of plants. Previously, this garden was privately owned by Haniteli Fa’anunu. He is a former Minister of Agriculture in Tonga.

But, now the botanical garden is open to the public. The visitors can book several tour packages from this botanical garden. For instance, they can reserve the garden tour, bird watching tour, hiking tour, or cultural tour.

Open Hours

The botanical garden is open from Monday to Saturday. You can visit this garden from 9 AM up to 5 PM. Besides, the café and restaurant in this garden are open every day. You can enjoy morning tea, brunch, lunch, or afternoon tea from 9.30 AM up to 4 PM.

Tour Package

Ene’io Botanical Garden offers three tour packages for visitors. Then, here is a brief explanation about the tour including the price and facilities.

  • Garden Tour

The first tour package is exploring the flora in the botanical garden. The duration of this tour is one hour. Besides, the price of the tour is $55 per person. Additionally, this ticket price includes lunch. Through this tour, you can discover various native plants and animals inside the garden.

  • Hiking and Bird Watching Tour

By taking this tour, you can explore various species of birds in their natural habitat. Besides, you can also see the beautiful view of Ene’io beach, coral reefs, and other islands. This tour costs $115 per person. But, lunch is included.

  • Polynesian Cultural Tour

You can join this tour if you want to see how the local people live. The botanical garden has various species of medicinal plants. Then, this tour teaches you the way to use traditional medicine. You can interact with local people as well. Polynesian Cultural Tour costs $180 per person and lunch is included.

Things To Do is Ene’io Botanical Garden

There are many exciting activities you can do in this Botanical Garden. For instance, you can go to Ene’io Beach. Ene’io beach is so beautiful since it has clear water with coral reefs. After enjoying Ene’io beach, you can purchase souvenirs from the local gift shop.

Besides, you can also enjoy some food in Ene’io garden café and restaurant. You can enjoy the menu while sitting on the deck which overlooks the bay. Various menus are available including western and traditional dishes.

That’s all the brief information related to Ene’io Botanical Garden. If you are interested in booking the tour, you just need to reserve the tour package from its official website.

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