Fiji Underwater Hotel: Extraordinary Thing You Need To Know

By | December 4, 2021

Fiji, as one of the beautiful places, offers many extraordinary things. There are lots of unpredictable things there. Not only the beautiful inland scenery but also the underwater scenery. You will find the Fiji Underwater Hotel is really great. You may never see it before in other places.

The location of this hotel is Fiji Island, which many people call Poseidon’s Mysterious Island in the Bahamas. If you have a plan to visit here, you need to spend $15.000 per person or $30.000 for a couple in a week.  But, this price is worth it because there are many extraordinary things you need to know here. Here are the extraordinary things that you can do:

1. Riding Your Own Submarine

Have you ever been in a submarine before? This hotel offers you a submarine ride. You will have an unforgettable experience while riding this submarine. Many tourists choose this package as their extraordinary service. Before riding, you will also receive personal training.

You can enjoy the underwater view with your submarine. You may also have to take care of the fish species around you. But, you need to spend a lot’s money to ride this submarine. It is an expensive service, right? However, it is expensive but suitable for you. This underwater hotel cooperates with a submarine supplier. So, you will get a lower price than you rent by yourself. It is really interesting, isn’t it?

2. Underwater Adventure

Snorkeling in the beautiful sea is everyone’s dream. There are many people who want to be underwater adventurers. Fiji Underwater Hotel also provides this service for you. You can become an underwater adventurer during your vacation. It will make you impressed with the underwater view here.

This is the best experience for you here. The hotel management also provides many different underwater areas for you to enjoy. There are many tourists who recommend this activity. But, you also need to spend a lot of money, right? It’s really suitable for underwater lovers. Grab your ticket soon.

3. Safety from Any Disaster

One of the important considerations during the holiday is a safe place. You may have questions, are these places safe? Don’t worry about this. The underwater hotel was built under disaster considerations. Many architectural experts joined in the construction of this hotel. You will be safe in the case of a dangerous situation.

Even if there is a tsunami and a major flood, the bottom of the hotel will rise. So, you will not drown in this underwater hotel. This hotel also undergoes regular maintenance. For sure, all the building has the good condition as well as its function.

These are the extraordinary things you must know from these underwater hotels. You will have an awesome experience during your holiday here. The Fiji Underwater Hotel management also provides many high-quality services for every tourist. There are many people who stay for a long time here. They want to explore all areas of Fiji’s underwater hotel during their holiday. 

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