Best Finland Places to Visit When on Holiday

By | November 23, 2021

There is no doubt that Finland is one of the best places to visit in the world. Almost all kinds of beauty can be found in this country, starting from the sea, snow to their buildings. Many even call it a pandora’s box of experience because there are so many things to explore! However, which are the best Finland places to visit when coming here on a holiday?

1. Levi

For those who are planning to come in winter, then one of the best Finland places to visit is surely Levi. In this place, people can enjoy many kinds of outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skiing, and many more. There is also an outdoor sauna that people can relax in even though it is outdoor. After a long day, people can then end the day by exploring the bars and clubs in Central Levi.

2. Santa Claus Village

Another great place to spend winter in Finland is Santa Claus Village. This is a Finland version of Disneyland where everything is covered with snow and ice. Inside the village, people can find Santa’s friends and items such as reindeer, his slides, and presents that he will be sending. Coming inside, people can also see igloo hotels, where people can sleep in.

Bringing your kids to this place will give them an experience of a lifetime. Other than seeing Santa, they can also enjoy rides and some visual treats. If you want to get a lifetime experience, then try coming here near Christmas where everything will look beautiful especially at night.

3. Turku

As for those who are planning to come in Summer, then come to Turku, one of the cities that used to be the capital city of Finland. This is one of the best Finland places to visit because it has so many historical landmarks and attractions that are not available in other cities. One of the top attractions to see here is the Turku Castle and the Twin Museum, which people know as the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova.

4. Porvoo

If you are done exploring Turku, continue your travel by going to Porvoo. This is also one of the oldest towns in Finland where people can see many wooden homes. At Vanha Porvoo, people can stroll around the Cobblestone streets, where they can see traditional and unique wooden homes. Other than that, in this town, people explore local arts and heritage that are available in the Porvoo Museum. When you get hungry, stop at the local stores where you can try some delicious pastries and candies.

5. Helsinki

As the capital’s country, Helsinki is also one of the cities that people must visit. In this city, there are many interesting attractions and landmarks that people can visit starting from the Lutheran Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral to a stadium that was used in 1952. However, from all the museums there are, make sure to come to the National Museum of Finland because here you can get a great history about the country.

So, those are some of the best Finland places to visit! If you decide to come here in winter, make sure not to miss any outdoor activities. As for those who come in summer, have fun exploring the heritage places in the cities.

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