Visiting Fortress of Suomenlinna in Finland and Learning Its History

By | November 26, 2021

If you’re making an itinerary in Helsinki, then make sure to add Fortress of Suomenlinna to your list. Visiting this small island can bring you back in time and see how this island was a hundred years ago. You can learn some history of Finland that you may never know before.

About Fortress of Suomenlinna

Even though this is a very popular place, even a UNESCO world heritage site, some people may not know what Fortress of Suomenlinna is. Well, for those who don’t know, this Suomenlinna fortress is a part of the archipelago just like the city of Helsinki. However, on this island, there are many historical attractions that make it unique and interesting.

In the old days, the Suomenlinna fortress was built by the Swedes as a sea fortress to defend against any kinds of enemies that tried to attack. Around the area, there are many fortresses around which were used to defend the castle and the people inside.

Attractions in Fortress of Suomenlinna

Now there are many attractions that you can enjoy and see when you reach the island. To help you out, here are some of the best attractions that you must see!

1. King’s Gate

When you arrive at this island, one of the attractions that will attract your eyes is the King’s Gate. The location of this gate is at the Southernmost edge of the fortes. The reason why this gate is in this area is that it is the first spot that King Adolf Fredrik visited in 1752. Therefore, later on in 1753-54, people made the gate from marble and limestones in that area.

2. The Great Courtyard

If you stroll around the island, there is a building that people call the Great Courtyard or now the Ehrensvard Museum. Originally this building was used as a monumental central square and an administrative center, however, it was then destroyed during the war. When you come to this building, you may also see the grave monument of Augustin Ehrensvard in the middle of the courtyard.

3. Cannons

As a fortress, it is normal that there are many weapons around. Because this is one of the ways people defend themselves in from various enemies. Out of all the weapons they use, the cannons are still the ones people can see clearly. Even though they all look alike, but each canon is different because some come from Swedish while the others are Russians.

4. The Tunnels

Don’t forget to try out the tunnel inside the Suomenlinna. The length of the tunnel itself is quite long, or around hundreds of meters with no light at all. So, if you decide to try this tunnel out make sure to bring some lights with you.

If you still have more time, then walk around the Fortress of Suomenlinna and see more attractions around. There are still many attractions to see around there, so make sure to make plenty of time if you visit this island. By visiting this island not only will you have great historical places but also learn new history.

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