The Best Things You Can Do at Grodno, Belarus

By | December 12, 2021

Grodno which is also known as Hrodna is the name of a city in Belarus. This modern city is worth visiting. It is because it offers a wide range of architectural treasures. You can find several spectacular landmarks in this city.

If you want to know more about Hrodna, you can scroll through this page. You will be able to find out information about Hrodna’s locations, architecture, attractions, and several activities you can do in this city.

The Location

The location of this city is next to the Neman River. Its location is about 15 km from the Polish border. This city has become a hidden gem in Belarus. Most tourists visit this city because of Nesvizh and Mir which have become UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This city applies a Visa-free entrance rule for the tourists. The residents of 77 countries are allowed to visit this city without visas. The tourists also can stay there for ten days. Therefore, you have to check the Hrodna Visa website to see whether you need a visa or not.

The Architecture

The architecture in Grodno is influenced by medieval and baroque. You will be able to see gorgeous buildings in this city. For instance, you can visit Kalosha Church and the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier. Besides, other landmarks you should not miss are the Great Choral Synagogue, The Old Castle, The New Castle, and Sovetskaya Square.

The Attraction

Every two years, this city holds the Belarus Festival of National Cultures. This festival can attract many tourists to come to this city. Besides, this city also often holds national ceremonies, youth festivals, student’s spring, and international celebrations of piano music.

What Can You Do at Grodno

As stated before, this city has many landmarks that have great architectural designs. So, here we list down some top sights that you have to visit when you visit Belarus.

  • Visit the Jesuit Cathedral

The location of this cathedral is in front of Soviet Square. You will be able to feel the glory when you enter this church. This church is also known as St Francis Xavier Cathedral. In addition, this church still holds regular services.

  • Watch the Military Parades

The most exciting attraction in this city is a military parade. You should come to this city in February during Defender of the Fatherland and Armed Forces Day. This parade shows guns and tanks of the Belarusian Army.

  • Spend Your Time at the Old Castle

You can access this castle through a bridge. Then, there is a magnificent museum inside this castle. Besides, you can enjoy the journey of the prehistoric age, middle age, and modern-day.

  • Dine-in Bolshoi Buffet

You can enjoy delicious Belarus menus in Bolshoi Buffet. This restaurant offers beautiful views of the city. The location of this restaurant is on the 4th floor of Neman Mall.

  • Take a walk along the Neman River

The Neman River runs through this city. You can walk on its river banks and watch the wonderful view surroundings. Besides, you also can find several cafes along this riverside.

That’s all the detailed information about Grodno in Belarus. If you want to enjoy the great medieval architecture of medieval, you should visit this city.

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