Guadalcanal American Memorial – Visiting World War II Monument

By | December 27, 2021

The Guadalcanal American Memorial was built to honor the Americans as well as their allies. They were dead during the Guadalcanal Campaign. This monument is near Honiara, the capital city of Solomon Island. Perhaps it is not a tourism place. But, when you visit Solomon, you can go to this monument. So, you can commemorate the struggle of American soldiers.

Are you interested to find out more details about this monument? Here we present the information about Guadalcanal American Monument locations, its history, and its features.

The Location

The location of the Guadalcanal American Memorial is on Skyway Drive. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean. This memorial is on the west of Mataniku River. This was the place where the battle between Americans and Japanese. The war happened for several months during World War II.

Open Hour and Entrance Fee

The monument is open from Monday to Friday. You can explore this memorial from 9 AM up to 6 PM. However, the monument is closed on Saturday and Sunday. The best time to visit this monument is in the afternoon. You can enjoy the sunset view on the hill. There is no entrance ticket fee to enter this memorial. So you can visit this monument free of charge.

The History

ABMC built the World War II monument in 1992. The American Battle Monuments Commission joins effort with Guadalcanal Solomon Island Memorial Commission to build this monument. The initiator of the monument was Robert F Reynolds.  On 7 August every year, there is a commemorative ceremony in this memorial. The aim is to commemorate the first day of the battle between America and Japan.

The war occurred from 7th August 1942 to 9th February 1943 in Guadalcanal. The US Navy, Army, and Marine Corps fought the Japanese to take over Solomon Island. After a six-month war, the Americans successfully beat the Japanese.

This war resulted in the loss of 35.000 soldiers, 1200 aircraft, and 49 ships. The Japanese also lost 800 aircraft and 50.000 soldiers in this battle.

The Features of the Memorial

The memorial has a pylon shape. The size of the main monument is 1,2 meters x 1,2 meters and 7,3 meters in height. Besides, the other four monuments are built in four directions. The directions reflect the locations of the battles. For example, the locations were Bloody Ridge, New Georgia Island, Tassafaronga at Ironbottom Sound, Mount Austen, and Cape Esperance.

This monument becomes one of the most essential landmarks of World War II. Therefore, this memorial becomes one of the attractive spots in Honiara Solomon.

That’s all the detailed info about Guadalcanal American Memorial. This monument is a must-visit place if you are a World War II enthusiast. Besides, Guadalcanal offers a wide range of tourism places you can visit. If you like historic places, you not only can visit this monument. But, you also can go to Vilu War Museum.

This museum offers collections of aircraft and artilleries during the war. Also, you can go to Bonegi I and II where you can dive around the wreck of the Japanese ships. These activities can be the unforgettable moments you can do in Solomon.

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