Havana Art by Night, Explore Havana in The Night

By | January 10, 2022

As one of the most popular tourist spots in the entire Caribbean, Havana offers unforgettable cultural tourism. Furthermore, visiting Havana will not be complete without joining a half-day tour of Havana Art by Night. If you want to embrace the real Cuban culture, then this activity is what you must do:

1. About The Tour

Havana Art by Night is a city tour at night to enjoy the cultural life of local artists. This trip is according to a program where activities, spots to visit, and what you will enjoy are already set for you. A local guide will take you to experience the art and culture of Havana while enjoying a very lively night.

2. Tour for Art Enthusiast

Havana is not just a stop but a real destination. Should you consider yourself an art enthusiast, no doubt that you must join Havana Art by Night. On this trip, you will get the chance to meet with local Cuban artists and visit galleries. You can also get along with them and share their point of view with a glass of cocktail to light up the night.

3. The Galleries

This trip’s main activity is to visit very artistic galleries where young Cuban artists express their views. You will also get knowledge on how they bet on the improvement of natural culture. Moreover, you will enjoy paintings and other impressive art without the worry of getting bored. The gallery itself is something special with its typical Cuban decoration and architecture building.

4. City Tour in A Classic Style

By joining this tour, you can stroll around the city and enjoy the night in a style.  A classic and vintage car will take you to enjoy a panoramic view of night Havana. The ride to a gallery and cultural spot can never be so special. You will hear traditional music playing along the way and the smell of Cuban cigar smoke in the wind. What a perfect night!

5. Visiting Fábrica de Arte Cubano

To make your night unforgettable, this tour program includes a visit to Fabrica de Arte Cubano. Furthermore, this place is all about socio-project with supporting and encouraging young creative people to be their main goals. The art domain can be from anything which makes this place more vibrant.

6. Tasty Dinner

This tour also includes dinner as part of the program. You will have an extraordinary dinner where typical Cuban cuisine is served to you. Dinner will be more special with an artistic Cuban ambiance that will make you want to stay longer. Plus, there is also cocktail making where you can experience how to make a Cuban cocktail and enjoy it at your dinner table.

The entire tour will take around 4,5 hours. This tour is available in three languages, English, German, and Spanish. In one group it will consist of 2 to 16 participants. Yes, it is a quite big group. But with the same interest, you will get the chance to meet a new friend. Therefore, Havana art by night is a tour you cannot miss while you’re in Havana. So, wait no more and pack your back to Havana.

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