Holiday To Namu Island: Beautiful Untouched Paradise

By | December 14, 2021

Oceania has become one of the beautiful places that provide many island paradises. Namu island is one of the best islands here. There are many unpredictable views that you can find here. The location of this island is hundreds of meters from Upolo’s South-East beach. There are many people who set their holiday to visit here.

Tourists will spend magical holidays here. There are many surprising activities to do here. You will also find many marine animals. Many people call this island Turtle Island. There are many turtles you can find here.

How To Get There?

The best means of transportation is to get there by boat. The boat will start from Mutiatele. This is the one place on Upolu’s South-East beach. You need to spend 10 minutes from the mainland to get to Namu. During the trip, you will find many turtles that swim around you.

Don’t be afraid of the boat price. You just need to spend less money. Each boat has a different price. But if you want to stay one night on this island, this boat will be included. If you are not staying here, the boat price is cheap. Are you curious, what can you do on this island? Here’s the best thing that you can do here!

Fun Thing to Do In Namu island

There are many beautiful places to explore on the island. Not only enjoy the beautiful sea, you can also be doing other fun things. There are many people who say that this is the beautiful untouched island paradise in Oceania. Here’s is the fun thing to do

1. Snorkeling Amongst Turtle

This is the best fun thing to do on the island. There are many sea turtles swimming around here. To get closer to them, you can be snorkeling along with them. You will feel at peace, calm, and enjoy the moment during snorkeling here. This is the best thing to do on a tropical island.

2. Explore the Uninhabited Island

Namu island became one of the uninhabited islands that needed to be explored. You need to take one kilometer to explore this island. There are many flora and fauna species on this island. Here, you may feel like you are in a paradise. You can spend your whole day having an adventure here.

3. Enjoying Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner with a loved one is an unpredictable moment. There are many people who want to have this during their holiday. You will enjoy a romantic dinner at the beginning of the coastline. There are many restaurants offering romantic dinners here.

4. Admire the View Under the Coconut Trees

The clear water of this tropical island is the favorite for turtles. Sometimes, you will find mini turtles stranded on the shoreline. If you are tired of snorkeling, you can relax under the coconut tree. You will feel so relaxed, peaceful, and calm here. The beautiful view of the Oceania sea will accompany you.

5. Enjoying Beautiful Sunrise

If you decide to stay on this island, don’t forget to enjoy the sunrise. With a natural feeling, you will have an unexpected experience here. However, there is no electricity here. Therefore, just be prepared to enjoy the basic facilities.

Those are the uninhabited island paradise that you can visit. There are many things you can explore on Namu island. You will spend an unforgettable holiday with your love here. Are you interested in visiting here?

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