Interesting Place to Visit in Finland for Vacation

By | December 31, 2021

Finland is at the top of the list of happiest countries. It is good idea choosing Finland for vacation. There are so many attractions in this Finland are related to the Northern Lights. There are so many interesting place and exciting attractions.

Interesting Place

Nuxio National Park

Nuxio National Park is one of the national parks with around 45 km² spanning the forest and lake areas of Espoo, Kirkonamumi and Bifty. While enjoying the natural beauty of Finland, you can enjoy a variety of interesting activities such as adventure, hiking and fishing.

Sibelius Monument

The monument, built on September 7, 1967, is located in Sibelius Park in the Töölö district of Helsinki. You can take pictures against the backdrop of this beautiful monument, or  take a walk in the pond or park with interesting animals. It is an interesting place to visit in Finland.


The height of Ylläs Cliff itself is over 700 meters, the slope is 63, and the longest reaches 3KM. In this area, visitors can feel the  pure and beautiful natural beauty and tourists can experience great sightseeing, skiing and hiking experiences.


Esplanadi is a interesting place city park located in the center of Helsinki, between Erotaja Square and Market Square. This beautiful and clean garden is spread out to provide a place for visitors to relax. Then relax at the cafes and shops  in the area. In addition, visitors can take pictures against the backdrop of a beautiful garden landscape  with large exotic statues.

Ranua Zoo

 It is home to about 50 species of highly exotic Arctic animals. These animals still live in the natural environment in the middle of the northern forest.  Ranua Zoo isn`t that big, but it’s a very interesting zoo to visit during the holidays. Visitors can see different types of Arctic animals, including polar bears, , owls, raccoons, wolves,  lynxes, and wolves. In addition, Ranua Zoo offers sledding for children who want to experience ice skating in the snow.

Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum is a contemporary art museum located in Mannerheiminti, Helsinki. This famous tourist attraction houses the works of about 8,000 artists, including Ahonen, Aiha, Marti and Nikolas Belhem. When you visit this interesting place, the architecture of this museum is very impressive from the outside.

 Visitors can also buy a variety of delicious foods made from the best recipes. You can then buy a variety of interesting products, souvenirs and art books at the Chiasma Shop. If you  want to  experience  the world of Lucatunturiski in a special way, you can take a vacation in this very exciting Lucatunturi. Rukatunturi is a 490 meter high ski resort  in Kuusamo, Finland.

In addition to skiing, tourists can enjoy many interesting activities such as climbing icebergs and taking pictures and videos. While enjoying hot chocolate at the cafe, you can also see the  panorama of nature very well in this interesting place.

There are interesting place to visit in Finland for vacation , hope this can be your references.

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