Reasons to Visit Kennedy Space Center with The Family

By | January 10, 2022

People may not be able to go to outer space. However, they can see the ships that go there & what it is like going there. To see all this experience, people can visit the Kennedy Space Center in the United States which offers many unique things that people will not see in other places. So, if you are planning to visit Central Florida, make sure this is in your itinerary.

But what can people see in Kennedy Space Center? And what does it offer that makes it more interesting than other attractions in Central Florida? Well, for those asking, here are some explanations to answer those questions:

1. Not a Normal Theme Park

Central Florida is famous for its theme park department. There are plenty of theme parks that visitors can visit including this space center. However, compared to other theme parks, this place is not a normal theme park that has scary rides. In Kennedy Space Center, visitors get to see the US history and experiences that look real, simple, and true. Visitors can also see real space shuttles and rockets that were once launched into the sky!

2. Rocket Garden

One of the most favorite spots in the Space Center is the Rocket Garden. From this spot, people can see how massive the rockets were to lift off to outer space. Not only can visitors see them, but they can also touch them and take pictures of them from a close distance! If you want to know more about the rocket, you can also read about the history of the rocket and the astronauts that used it.

3. Space Shuttle Atlantis

Another reason why many people come to the space center is to see the historic space mission. Through the space shuttle Atlantis, people get to see a flawless presentation on how the mission goes. From the outside, visitors get to see the replica rocket boosters. While inside, visitors will see a short movie preview of how space is! This is surely scenery that people will rarely see, so make sure to put it on your bucket list.

4. Simulation Launch

If you’re wondering how it is like to launch into the sky, then try the simulation launch that lasts around 5 minutes. When you enter this simulation, you can feel your body shaking and the nerves that astronauts used to feel before launching into the sky. Even though this is just a simulation, the process is surely thrilling!

5. Eat & Chat with Real-Life Astronaut

Kennedy Space Center offers a unique experience for those who want to know and learn more about space and astronauts. They offer an all-you-can-eat lunch with a real-life astronaut! During this session, kids, parents, or anyone who joins this session can ask any kind of questions to these real astronauts. They will try to answer all the visitor’s questions, including the unique one too!

To find more about the Kennedy Space Center, people can check open their official website. On this website, there is detailed information about the operational hours and ticket prices. So, seeing how interesting this place is, no wonder many families decide to visit this theme park!

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