Planning to Visit Kitava Island? Check Out These Tips First!

By | December 23, 2021

Papua New Guinea is one of the countries in the world that has many small islands. Even though some are uninhabited, others are beautiful and worth visiting. From all the islands there are in PNG, Kitava Island is one of the islands people must check out. So, where is this island and what should people prepare when they visit the island?

Kitava is one of the small islands that form the Kiriwina chain in PNG. So, if you happen to follow a tour to this island, it is likely that you’ll also visit Kitava Island. Now if this island is in your itinerary, then here are some tips & information you should know so you can make the best time of your visit:

1. Things to Bring

Visitors must know that Kitava Island is still full of nature and doesn’t have many facilities. So, when you step on the island don’t expect to find big hotels or supermarkets that sell your needs such as water, sunscreen to bathing suits. Therefore, if your itinerary includes this island, make sure to complete yourself with enough tissues, mineral water, canned drinks and sunscreen to protect you from the hot sun.

For those who plan to snorkel, it is also a good idea to bring some first aid kits. Some visitors have experienced coral cuts during their dive or walk on the sand. The cuts may look minor but if you don’t treat them soon, they can become nasty.

2. Joining Kitava Tours

If you happen to visit the island on your own, then try to join some Kitava tours that are available on the island. There aren’t any formal tours available, however, some local peoples are glad to help visitors that visit and be their tour guide. During this tour, the locals will show you the islander performances to the craft shop they have on the island.

With the help of a local guide, visitors can learn more about the culture of the island. They can also help visitors capture a moment with the costumed islanders around. However, in the end, don’t forget to give them some tips to show how thankful you are for the guide.

3. Buying Souvenirs

Visitors that come to visit Kitava Island can help the economy of the island by buying handicrafts that are made by the local people. They sell many kinds of handicrafts such as shells, corals, and hand-carved wood. Even though they are all beautiful, it is best to buy the carved wood as they are pretty, safe, and help the environment around them.

4. Visit Other Islands with Boat Service

Just a few hundred meters from the island there is a smaller island named Nuratu Island. Even though this island is uninhabited, the island is as beautiful as Kitava too! To get there, people can ride a taxi boat made from woods and bamboos that are controlled by the local people. To ride this boat, people must pay $2.50 per person to get to the island. However, if you pay using kina, the fee is half the price and it is easier for the locals as they don’t have to exchange their money.

Even though Kitava Island is a small island, however, there are many things people can explore & discover. However, to make sure you enjoy your trip, make sure to reconsider the tips above!

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