Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Lalomanu Beach in Samoa

By | December 16, 2021

Lalomanu Beach has natural and beautiful scenery with soft white sands and clear turquoise water. The locals still resist the natural beauty of this beach. There is no commercial development on this beach. This way, this beach offers original ecological scenery for the visitors.

With its gorgeous scenery, Lalomanu becomes one of the best beaches in Samoa. There are several coral lagoons that offer great views for tourists. From this beach, the visitors will be able to see the panoramic view of Nu’utele Island. Besides, the visitors also can do a wide range of water sports activities.

The Location

The location of Lalomanu Beach is on the east coast of Upolu Island. This island is part of Lalomanu Village, Atua District in Samoa.

To reach this beach, you can rent a car from Apia’s Faleolo Airport. Renting a car is the most effective mode of transportation you can choose. You can drive along the Main South Coast Road of Lalomanu. This way, you can see the views around Upolu.

You need to drive for about 1,25 hours from Apia to Lalomanu. You should be careful when you are driving in this village. It is because the roads are rough and curvy. Besides, there are also many children walking on the roadside.

Open Hours

This beach is open 24 hours. You can visit this beach anytime. Besides, you can even stay on this beach for several days. You can stay in the bungalows or beach huts there.

There is no ticket fee to enter this beach. But, you can give a small fee for parking to the locals. Do not forget to give some amount of money if you use the facilities owned by locals.

Beach Accommodation

Since this beach is still natural, it may be difficult to find a luxurious hotel or resort. But, if you plan to stay at this beach for several days, you can reserve a bungalow or open beach hut. The price of this accommodation varies. Besides you also can rent the traditional huts owned by locals.

For example, the price of open beach huts begins at $120 WST. Besides, the price to stay in a bungalow begins at $160 WST. This price is per person per night. But, it includes the price of the meal (breakfast and dinner). You can opt to stay at Taufua Beach Fales or Litia Sini Beach Resort.

What You Can Do at Lalomanu Beach

Visiting this natural beach is the best way to feel relaxed. You can see the picturesque clear water and soft white sand. Besides, you also can snorkel to view the sea creatures of Lalomanu. However, this beach has lost its pristine reef because of the tsunami in 2009.

In addition, you also can swim on this beach. The waves are so calm that you can swim safely. Moreover, you also can rent a kayak to paddle along this beautiful beach. You also can enjoy the magnificent scenery of sunrise and sunset from this beach. There are only a few tourists coming to this beach. So, you can feel that Lalomanu Beach is like a private beach.

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