A Guide to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, The Biggest Sanctuary in the World

By | January 10, 2022

If you love koalas and other Australian animals, then you must certainly visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to more than 100 koalas and other Australian animals. And in this sanctuary, visitors don’t only get to see the animals but also get up close with them.

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is in Fig Tree Picker which is only 12 km from Brisbane CBD. Don’t worry about getting there because there is plenty of public transportation that can get you there. Now for those who have no clue what this place is like or its location, here is some important information that can guide you through your holiday:

1. A Home to Many Animals

This sanctuary was built in Brisbane in 1927, therefore Guinness Book World of Record claimed this place as the oldest sanctuary in the world. At the beginning of its opening, the sanctuary only had two koalas. However, as time passed, more and more koalas and animals were treated in this sanctuary.

Even though the name of this sanctuary is for koalas, many other Australian animals are treated in this place. Some of the animals that you can see here are kangaroos, wombats, and the Tasmanian devil!

2. Cuddle & Take Photos with the Animals

One of the benefits of visiting Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary compared to other zoos is that they let you interact with the animals. People don’t only get to touch the animals but also hug, cuddle, and feed to take photos with them. However, you can’t touch the koalas at all times because there are schedules that you must follow.

3. Many Shows Available

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary provides many kinds of shows where visitors can see the animal’s funny acts. If they’re lucky they can also interact with the animals. From all the shows available, the three must-see shows are the Lorikeet feeding, free flight raptor show, and sheepdog show. These shows are entertaining for all ages from adults to kids.

4. Entrance Fee & Operational Hours

The Sanctuary is open every day of the week and operates on almost every holiday of the year. Normally they open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Special on ANZAC day, the sanctuary opens from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM only.

As for the entrance fee, adults will have to pay $49 and children $35. If you happen to come with your family, then you can also buy the cheaper family packet. There are a few packets available such as 1 adult to 2 children and other options.

5. Transportation to Get There

One of the ways to get to the Sanctuary is by riding Mirimar cruises. By jumping on board this cruise, people can enjoy a scenic cruise through the Brisbane River. Normally the cruise will depart around 10:00 Am and will return at 02:15 PM.

Another alternative that you can choose is by jumping on a bus. The bus that will take you to the sanctuary is bus number 430 and 445. Last, if you want to get to the location the quickest, then ride a taxi instead.

So, with the easy transportation options, there are no excuses to not visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! In this sanctuary, people won’t only see koalas but also other Australian animals too! Best of all, there are also many activities that you can do, from seeing the shows to cuddling the koalas!

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