Marasusa Beach, Spend Your Time in the Hidden Jewel of Italy

By | November 18, 2021

Calabria is a must-visit when you are in Italy especially if you die on a sandy beach. This place offers you a stunning view and a mesmerizing award-winning beach. Marasusa Beach is one of the best beaches you must visit and these are things you need to know:

1. Located in Calea, Tropea-Calabria

If you want to go to Marasusa Beach, it is in Calea city of Tropea. This place is located along La Costa Degli Dei or famously known as Coast of The Gods. Tropea itself is a province with a seaside resort and sandy beaches. You will find the city is surrounded by a magnificent cliff wall. It is the best location for tourists who want to step aside from busy cities in the north.

What makes this beach special is that it is in one of the most beautiful villages in the world. As part of the Tyrrhenian Sea, you will find a gently sloping beach with warm sand and crystal-clear water. The ancient dwelling of Tropea is the perfect image of cultural highlight that will not bore you at all for being here. 

2. Best Place to Be Lazy

If you need peace and quiet, this beach is the best place. Yes, there are waves but surely not for a surfer. Mostly, the water is calm on this beach and the sun shines all day without the worry of rain. So, the best thing to do is lay on the beach, or walk by the beach, and soak your feet on warm gentle sand. And believe it, it transports you to another dimension.

But, don’t get it wrong because you will never be bored. Instead, you will wish that you can stay there all the time. Imagine yourself surrounded by the great cliff, laying on the beach drinking lemonade, and swimming in the turquoise warm water. What a heaven.

3. Shopping Heaven

Marasusa is a beach surrounded by local shops selling souvenirs, local products, foodstuffs, even wine. That is why this place is perfect to lay down, enjoy the sunset while having a fine wine. If there is heaven on earth, Marasusa is the place. Furthermore, Tropea is home to an Italian fashion store and a unique convenience shop.

Since Calabria offers a slow pace of life, shopping is an interesting activity besides enjoying the beach. Along the pedestrian street, you will find sophisticated shopping centers well blended with wine shops. You can buy wine in liters at a cheap price. And, this place is the birthplace of world-famous designer, Versace. So, this is the only place where you can walk along the beach in style!

4. Right Choice to Enjoy Delicate Food

From authentic street food to fancy restaurants, you will never be starved in this place. Taste the freshness of local produce in every food. Moreover, this place is the home of a resort where each resort offers cuisine specialty. In the morning, smell fresh bread baked in the oven from a local bakery in the morning.

Hence, Marasusa beach is the best place to step aside from the busy world and really be comfortable and reward yourself. If you’re a couple, then this is the most romantic place where you can enjoy every moment. Time goes slow here so you will never want to escape.

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