Snorkling Over the Wreck of Ships in Mbonege Beach Solomon

By | December 25, 2021

Mbonege Beach is a must-visit place when you are on Solomon Island. It is because this beach is suitable for a family vacation. This beach is also known as Bonegi Beach. This beach is popular for some reasons. First, it has an impressive black sand beach. Then, it has beautiful coral reefs. Also, it has two Japanese ships that were sunk not far from the beach.

Are you interested in visiting Solomon? Make sure that you add the Bonegi Beach to your list of destinations. Here we present a detailed explanation related to the Bonegi Beach including the location, attractions, and some travel guides.

The Location

The location of Mbonege Beach is on the west of Honiara in Solomon Island. You can reach this beach by driving from Honiara for 30 minutes. You can go there by bus too. Besides, taking a taxi to go to this beach is also possible.

If you want to get a more comfortable traveling experience, you can book a travel planner. They will assist you to visit several tourist places in Solomon.

Open Hours and Entrance Fee

Bonegi Beach is open 24 hours. You can visit this impressive beach anytime. But the best time to go to this beach is in the morning. So, you have a long time to explore the beach. In addition, you should visit Bonegi Beach during summer. The weather is so suitable to sunbathe, swim, or snorkel. It is because the sunlight makes the water warm so you will be comfortable spending your time exploring underwater views.

When you arrive at this beach, the locals may ask for the entrance fee for about 10 Solomon dollars for each person.

Beach Facilities

Even if the visitors have to pay for the entrance ticket, this beach does not have any facilities. You will not be able to find any bathroom there. Besides, there is not any food outlet there. So, if you plan to visit this beach, you have to bring enough food and beverage.

Then, if you want to snorkel or dive around the sunk ships, you should prepare your own snorkeling and diving equipment. There is no place to rent the snorkel gear.

Things to Do at Mbonege Beach

There are many things you can do at Bonegi Beach. First, you can walk along the black pebbled sand beach. There are several coconut trees that offer you shades. You can get relaxed by sitting down under the coconut trees and seeing the waves hitting the shore.

Besides, if you bring the snorkel gear, you can explore the beautiful coral reef as well as appealing fish underwater. Also, you can dive around the wreck ships. The ship is only 50 meters from the shore. The ship offers a fantastic view. It is because the colorful corals totally cover the body of the ship.

That’s the completed information about Mbonege Beach in Solomon. If you want to know more about the history of the wreck, you can hire a local guide. The guide will tell the story about the wreck of the ship. Also, it will be better if you dive together with a professional diving instructor.

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