Mele Cascades, The Things To Know Before Visiting

By | January 5, 2022

When you visit Port Vila in Vanuatu, you must see the Mele Cascades waterfall. This is a famous waterfall that has beautiful views and you can do many things there, such as relaxing, swimming, or tracking. Access to this waterfall is also easy because you can take a local bus.

However, you must also know the right time to visit this waterfall so that you can maximize your time here. So, before visiting this waterfall, know what you can do, how to go there, and when is the right time to go there. Let’s find out more about Mele Cascades below:

What To Do

This cave is located on the main island of Efate, about 10 km or 1- to 15 if you drive from Port Vila. This is a stunning waterfall and famous for its blue waters with incredible views. You can explore the falls on your own but you can also join guided tours that are available throughout the day. Before entering the destination area, you will be asked to pay a modest entry fee if you are not visiting as part of the tour.

Then, you can do many things, such as relaxing by the pool or fishing. However, most people want to start the short trek to the falls. The trip to the falls will take between 15 to 20 minutes and you will follow a small winding path to the falls. The path will be a bit steep but the climb is not too strenuous. Then, there are some natural stairs so you can climb safely.

Along the way, you can take time to go to the lookouts to enjoy stunning views of Mele Bay and Hideaway Island. If you have arrived at the waterfall, you will see a clear waterfall sparkling in a pure blue pool. You can cool off in the pool at the base of the waterfall. Then, if you reach the top, you will see beautiful tropical gardens and a stunning 35m high waterfall.

How To Go There

This waterfall is about 10 kilometers north of Port Vila. If you are from the city, you can take a local bus with a “B” at the beginning of the license plate. Then, tell the driver if you want to visit the Mele Cascades.

The cost is cheap, only about 350vt from the city center or 500vt from Pango. Usually, the driver will wait for you in the parking lot and bring you back for the same price. Then, the driver may offer to visit some other nearby tourist destinations, such as the Secret Garden or the Tanna Coffee Factory.

When To Go

If you want to visit this waterfall, the perfect period is July to October. This is because, in other months, it can be too hot or too wet. From July to October, most of the days are sunny and there is a cool breeze coming from the west. The falls are also refreshing and there is plenty of shade.

The Mele Cascades waterfall is so beautiful that you should visit it when in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Also, the access is very easy so you don’t have to bother visiting this waterfall. Then, don’t forget to visit it at the right time so you can do a lot of things here.

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