Millennium Cave, The Best Things You Should Know

By | January 6, 2022

Millennium Cave is located in Luganville and is about an hour’s drive from the city of Luganville. If you take this cave tour, you will get an experience full of adventure and action. You can enjoy forest hikes; river walks through caves and tubing down rivers in deep gorges.

Then, you can also explore a dark cave full of bats and sparrows with a ceiling of about 50 meters and a length of 3-4 km. You can feel the splash of a fresh and floating waterfall in a river where the water is clean and clear. If you want to visit the Millennium Cave, the following is information that you can use as a reference:

The Itinerary

You will start this tour from Luganville, near the Sarakata river bridge. Then, you will take a 4WD truck to Nambel village with a 45-minute drive. After you arrive at Nambel village, you will walk to Vunaspef village for 20 minutes.

Moreover, you will get an extraordinary experience by treading slippery bamboo sticks but with exotic views. From the village of Vunaspef, you will walk about 1.5 hours to the Millennium Cave. Then, it will take you 30 minutes to pass through the cave. Other activities that you can do in the cave are canyoning and swimming.

How Difficult is The Millenium Cave?

For those of you who are hiking for the first time, this tour may be difficult for you. This is because you have to walk for a long time, about 4 hours. Then, the slippery path requires good balance.

You also need to climb steep stairs up and down and some rocks too so you have to be careful. On the way, you also have to walk in the water on rocks that are only lit by small torches. The hot and humid air can also be difficult for you if you are not used to it.

The Cost and The Best Time to Visit

If you want to take a cave tour, the trip is 7,500 VT per person, including round-trip transfers from Luganville. This is a full-day guided tour that will take you to exotic remote areas. Moreover, your money will help the local community, such as helping the education of local children.

This cave tour is also weather dependent so if it rains too much, they will cancel the tour. They can choose full cancellation or half cancellation depending on track conditions. For reference, the rainy season in Vanuatu is from November to April so avoid coming during these months.

How To Go

You cannot go to this cave for a self-guided visit. This is because you need authorization from the landowner who will guide you. Then, you also cannot drive to Vunaspef village by renting a car. So, the only option to visit this cave is to take a tour. Try visiting their official website for all the information about booking this cave tour.

That’s an interesting review about Millennium Cave, from the itinerary, the cost, the best time to visit, to how to go. You can use this information as a reference if you want to visit this cave. Prepare everything well for a pleasant cave visiting experience.

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