Mir Castle, All Things you Need to Know

By | December 1, 2021

Europe offers a never-ending fascination from its tourism destination. One of them is Mir Castle in peaceful yet historical Belarus. As the premium destination of Belarus, the castle complex provides attractions, tours, and things to see. Here are all things you need to know about this regal castle complex.

1. Perfect Unification of Art

The architecture of Mir Castle is a living manifestation or art accomplishment. This castle complex is built in three architectures, Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance. But what makes it more gallant from the outside is the fortification. No wonder that this complex reflects the military architecture and the region’s confrontational history.

2. Historical and World Heritage Site

In 2000, UNESCO included Mir Castle as one of the 936 historical and world heritage sites recognized for its universal value. This award is according to the 1972 Convention on the Conservation of World Heritage Sites. Ultimately, this castle became one of the Republic of Belarus’s national symbols. It also made the complex one of the most famous medieval castles in Belarus.

3. Appearance in Movies

As one of the most popular castles in Eastern Europe, Castle of Mir has frequently appeared in movies since 1964. Mostly, the castle is used as a picturesque backdrop, background, or even shooting location. The most frequent genre of movies shot in this location is war. The impressive historical and artistic design made it the perfect choice for war drama movies.

4. Things to Do

Since the castle is huge with towers standing tall and long corridors and hallways, there are plenty of things to do. A sightseeing tour is available for tourists to explore halls on the second and third floors where the defensive architecture of the owner’s history is bare. Your spirit might lift up when you reach the basement in the Northern buildings.

Visitors can also join museum tours which are worth your historical knowledge. Thematic Excursion of Owners of Mir Castle takes you to get to know about the history of the four owners. Meanwhile, The Defensive Features take you on a tour of how the castle was built. The thematic tour is also another activity you can do in this castle.

5. How to Get There

The easiest way to get there is from Minsk and take a bus to the castle. Or, if you want to try other local transportation, try to take a train, and stop at Stouby. Continue by taking a cab to the castle from the train station. But, if your Russian is not good, then consider joining a tour or getting a private driver. This would be the best way to get there because you will get the round trip.

6. Watch Out for The Crowd

Belarus is actually running out of historical sites or old buildings because of the destruction caused by world war. So, this castle is considered the only one remaining. That is why many people are interested and mostly causing crowds, tuques, and hard to get a car park. Tourists come from Belarus itself, Europe, and outside Europe. So, The best time to come to this castle is in the morning.

Mir Castle finished its restoration in 2013 and now is ready to welcome you. But during a pandemic, some protocols may be applied. Better to contact the information center first to be safe. Happy visit!

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