Activities Visitors Can Do Around Mount Tavurvur Other than Hiking

By | December 22, 2021

Mount Tavurvur is one of the active stratovolcanoes located on the New Britain Island of Papua New Guinea. Until today, the mountain is still active and blows out ashes and hot lava which can be very dangerous. Even though the mountain is not 100% safe, many people are keen to visit this mountain to see the beautiful mother nature.

Other than hiking the mountain, there are many activities around the mountain that people can do and enjoy. Even though it might not be as thrilling as hiking the mountain, these activities are quite fun and interesting to do. So, if you are planning to go on a trip to the New Britain Island of Papua New Guinea, here are some activities you can do:

1. Hike the Active Mount Tavurvur

If you’re looking for some challenging activity that you might not be able to do in other countries in the world, then try hiking the active mountain. However, before starting the hike, people must know that the volcano is not a tourist attraction. So, if you decide to hike the mountain, make sure to check out the condition first. Also get a guide to help you out.

The condition around the area of the mountain can be hot, so make sure to wear comfortable clothes. Don’t wear anything too thick because you will surely sweat. However, make sure your clothes are thick enough to protect you.

2. Explore the Matupit Village & Interact with the Local

After a tiring day, visitors can spend their time exploring Matupit Village that is located near the mountain too. The local people here are a witness to how hot and active the mountain is when it blows out hot lava. So, if you are curious to know more about Mount Tavurvur, then just ask them the questions. To help you interact with the locals, ask the guide to help you translate the conversations.

3. Diving in Rabaul

It is no secret that Papua New Guinea has one of the best seas in the world. This statement also applies to the seas in New Britain Island. Other than hiking, visitors can also get a taste of diving in Rabaul City. When you dive into this area, you will not only get to see the beautiful sea but also colorful fishes and plants that live under the water. If you don’t like diving, then you can change your activity to boating, fishing, or snorkeling.

4. Attend Rabaul Mask Festival

One of the festivals that visitors must not miss when they come, and visit is the Rabaul Mask Festival. During this festival, visitors can see local people doing their cultural dancing, ritual performance and listen to the story that they tell. However, to make sure you watch this festival, get up early because the festival starts early in the morning.

Overall, Mount Tavurvur is a great destination to visit especially for those who like something challenging. However, for those looking for something more calming and relaxing, then try out exploring the local village and attending Rabaul Mask Festival.

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