Negril Beach & the Negril Cliffs That Visitors Must Visit

By | January 7, 2022

When talking about Negril Jamaica, one of the places that people must visit and enjoy is the beach. They have many beautiful beaches that are just stunning and exotic! If you are a fan of the beach, then you’ll surely love the Negril Beach & the Negril cliffs in Jamaica. Here are some options of beaches that you can visit:

1. Seven Mile Beach Jamaica

The most beautiful beach in Jamaica that is known for its stunning scenery is the Seven Mile Beach Jamaica. Before it became a stunning beach, this beach was ruled by a broad of unruly pirates. Therefore, the beach is also known as the beach of the pirates.

Even though you may not see pirates anymore on the beach, you can see cliffs surrounding the beach, palm trees, and a glimpse of a mysterious lighthouse. The sand is also very white whereas the sea is just clear blue. From above, you can even see the inside of the water.

2. Negril Cliffs

The next option of Negril beach & the Negril cliffs that you’ll want to visit is the Negril Cliff. This place is so unique, but it is also the reason why many visitors come and visit it. Despite being a normal beach, people enjoy the beach from above the cliff. From above, people can enjoy the scenery of the sea or also jump into the water.

Those who don’t like to do extreme sports, then just enjoy the view from the top while staying at one of the café’s available. One of the best cafés available that offer delicious tropical drinks is Rick’s café. Last, if you enjoy the view for a longer time, then book a villa around the cliff.

3. Bloody Bay Beach

If you’re looking for a public beach that is not too far from the cities, then come to Bloody Bay Beach. The location of this beach is easy to find, so visitors should have no difficulty in finding it. Just like other beaches, the Bloody Bach has white soft sands that will make you want to take your shoes off. There are also gentle tides not far from the shore, so if you have some snorkeling gears, make sure to bring them with you!

4. Booby Cay

A bit different from other beaches, the Booby Cay is a small island not too far from the coast of Negril. To get here, people must ride boat taxis that will only take 10 minutes. One of the main attractions to do when you arrive is go snorkeling. There is a beautiful coral reef just near the beach that will keep you busy for around an hour.

5. Buorbon Beach

Enjoy the beach and a night of dancing with the locals or visitors at Buorbon Beach. This beach is popular for its great restaurant and also live bands in the evenings. Therefore, by coming to this beach, people can enjoy the sun and air in the afternoon, whereas in the evening they can dance and party with the locals.

So, if you’re planning to visit Jamaica, then make sure to visit Negril Beach & the Negril cliffs. They are clean, beautiful and offer many kinds of activities to do!

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