Night Market in Vientiane – Heaven for Cheap Merchandise in Laos

By | December 10, 2021

Night Market in Vientiane is the best place if you want to go shopping on a budget. This market offers affordable clothes for tourists. Unfortunately, you cannot find the crafts and art items in this market. Also, there is no food stall here.

Most stallholders offer low-price clothes. You can even bargain the price to get the lowest prices. To get a better price, you can check out the sale from other sellers. Then, you can decide on a certain stall to make a deal.

If you need some guides before visiting Vientiane Night Market, you are in the right place. Here you can find out any information related to this night market. For instance, you can find the location, open hours, and shopping tips at this market.

The Location of Night Market in Vientiane

The location of this night market is in Chao Anouvong Park, Vientiane City Center, Laos. This place is close to the Mekong River. This outdoor market is also next to Street Quai Fa Ngum. It is better to reach this market by walking since it has a wide pedestrian area.

Open Hour

You can visit this market every day throughout the year. The Vientiane Night Market is open from 6 PM to 10 PM every night.

However, you should avoid visiting this night market during the rainy season. This season usually happens from June to August. It is because most stalls are closed due to heavy rain.

What You Can Buy at the Night Market?

Night Market in Vientiane is the most crowded place in Vientiane at night. In this market, there are many stalls selling clothes, crafts, textiles, and accessories for smartphones. However, you cannot find the stalls that sell food. But, if you are hungry, you can buy some food from the restaurants on the other side of the road.

If you want to buy some cheap souvenirs for your relatives, Night Market in Vientiane is the best choice. This market is clean and tidy. So, you will be able to go shopping comfortably. Moreover, you still can bargain the price. Usually, you can get 30% cheaper than the price offered.

The items sold in this night market are blouses, shirts, skirts, sunglasses, paintings, flip flops, handbags, mobile phone cases, and many more. You do not worry to find difficulties when you go shopping at this place. It is because most of the sellers can speak English, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and French.

Shopping Tips

If you are searching for cheap merchandise, going shopping at the traditional market is the answer. Vientiane Night Market is the best destination to visit. But, if you want to go shopping comfortably, you can follow the following tips.

First, avoid visiting this night market during the rainy season. Next, be aware of the surrounding. The crowded market is heaven for pickpockets. In addition, do not be hesitated to bargain so that you can get the cheapest price.

That’s all the detailed information about Night Market in Vientiane. Make sure that you visit this night market to get the cheap merchandise in Laos. Happy Shopping.

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