Nizwa Fort – Exploring the Oldest and the Biggest Fort in Oman

By | December 19, 2021

The Nizwa Fort is one of the largest ancient forts in Oman. Even though the fort was built in the 17th century, the structure is still strong. The aim of building this fort is to protect and defend the city during wartime. Now, this fort has become an attractive tourist place that offers extraordinary architecture.

If you are interested in visiting this fort, you may need some information below. This article presents the details about the fort’s location, entrance fee, architecture, and also some travel tips.

The Location

The location of Nizwa Fort is at the entrance of Wilayat Nakhal, Wadi Ar Raqeem, Oman. Another name of this fort is Husn Al Heem. You can go to this fort from Muscat by taxi. From Muscat, you have to drive for 158 km to reach this fort.

Open Hour and Entrance Ticket

The Nizwa Castle is open from Saturday to Thursday from 8 AM to 8 PM. Besides, On Fridays, this fort is open from 8 AM to 11.30 AM. Then, it is open again from 1.30 PM to 6 PM.

In front of Nizwa Castle, there is a ticket center. You can buy the entrance ticket and ask for brochures there. Non-Omanis visitors have to pay OMR 5 for adults and OMR 3 for kids under 12 years old. Besides, the ticket fees for Omanis visitors are OMR 2 for adults and OMR 1 for kids.

Remarkable Architecture

This fort represents ancient Omani architectural design. There are two floors in this fort. On the ground floor, you can find an inner courtyard, exhibition halls, an ablution room, a prayer room, and an armory room. Besides, on the first floor, you can find 25 traditional rooms.

In addition, on the third floor, the visitors can find 5 traditional rooms. If you want to buy some merchandise, you can go to the ground floor. At the entrance of this fort, there are two cannons that greet the visitors.

What Can You Explore at Nizwa Fort

You need 2 hours to explore every single place at this castle. First, you can visit the museum at this fort. This museum displays weapons, shotguns, swords, and also some jewelry. Besides, you also can find a 3D miniature plan of Nizwa town.

After that, you can enjoy the spectacular mountain view from the top of the fort. You have to climb 60 steps of stairs to reach the top of the tower. From this place, you can see the green hills and palm trees. Also, you can get a beautiful view of the Al Hajar Mountains.

Before leaving this place, you can visit the Coffee Shop on the ground floor to get relaxed. Then, you can take some photographs at the Palm House. Also, you can purchase some merchandise in the gift shop.

That’s all the detailed explanation about Nizwa Fort. This old castle is one of the recommended places to visit when you are in Oman. When you visit this fort, make sure that you wear sunglasses. Also, you have to bring lots of water since this place is very hot during the daytime.

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